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Need to find Henrik's disk

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  • Need to find Henrik's disk

    Hello! I tried looking through the threads, but can't seem to find the exact info that I need.

    I'm on level 2 of the temple activities. For question 5 on the quiz, I know I need to get the answer from
    Henrik's disk. However, I do not have this disk.
    I noticed there is a locked drawer at Henrik's desk, but I don't have a key. Where can I get this key? Henrik is still nowhere to be found. I've checked all the task's off of Sonny's list, so I'm not sure what to do to progress. When I call for hints, all they will tell me is investigate the scarlet hand, but I already did that.Help! Thanks.

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    Thanks! How do I get to explore Joanna's desk? I'm assuming I need to go in her office when she isn't there. Do I need to do something to get her to leave her office? I tried going late at night but her door is locked. Do I need to find a key to her office?


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      Actually, I just had my post deleted because it wasn't right. Sorry. Anyway, you really get the key from
      talking with Henrik at the hospital


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        Oh, that's ok! :) I haven't gotten any word that Henrik is at the hospital. I talked to Franklin about calling Prudence, but I don't seem to be able to call her yet. Bess and the Hardy boys keep telling me I need to investigate about the scarlet hand. I keep trying to call the number to get information about the scarlet hand elements, but it just keeps ringing and ringing! I'm so stuck!


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          Try walking around the museum exhibit where the monolith is and walking back inside where the pyramid is. I'm sure something will happen...


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            Yes, thank you!!!