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Can't call anyone

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  • Can't call anyone

    I'm not sure what's going on with my phone. Every time I try to call someone, I just get an error message.
    I even put a 1 before the area code.
    I've tried calling Prudence, the CCCC, the distributor of
    for the hand print, and I just get an error message each time. I still am waiting for Joanna to leave her office so I can get the documents for Alejandro. The only hints I get from Bess and George and the Hardy boys are to find out what element is in the hand print, which I already did by looking at the periodic table. Help!

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    IIRC, if you call from the museum, you just call the number without the area code. If you call from the hotel room, you use the 1+area code+phone number. Do you have the phone numbers for Prudence & CCCC? If so, you should call them from
    the hotel room

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    Nancy Drew!

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      Thank you, that's very helpful!