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HAM Radio and Chaco Canyon

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  • HAM Radio and Chaco Canyon

    It's been years since I last played this game, so I kind of remember and at the same time forgot of what to do..
    Right now, Henrik has been admitted to the hospital, and I have opened the drawer. I have tried calling the frequency in HAM Radio but after I input the second number, the response is always the number does not exist. I tried calling Chaco Canyon through the phone at the lab and the hotel but both give me error tone. Joanna is still in the museum and I have exhausted all conversation with everybody, even Bess and George. I think I should try gathering the keys but whenever Nancy goes to the monolith she only says "something missing here" with the circle calendar but I can't retrieve the calendar stone from the display yet since I don't have the key. I am now at Temple 3 Quiz but not progressing since I don't know the name of the animal and noone will give me the answer. I know someone who can, but I can't do the task yet since Joanna is still in her office. Not sure what to do now. Any lead? Thank you!

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    You have to dial 1, then the number for the Chaco Canyon Cultural Center (and not 100% sure on this, but I think you have to call from the hotel).

    And just to confirm, what exactly do you mean when you say the second number for the Ham radio? Do you mean the second digit in the first string of numbers, or do you mean the number you have to enter after math calculations with the list of Spanish numbers they give you?

    The final answer for the temple quiz will be one of the last things you have do in the game, so no need to worry about that quite yet.
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