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Ham radio, can't back away

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  • Ham radio, can't back away

    I am at the point in the game where I would like to use the Ham radio. I have reviewed the files
    on Henry's disk
    , so I have the frequency. I have spoken to Sheila at CCC, I have spoken with Poppy Dada, Joanna is out of her office and I have
    gone thru her files etc
    I have replaced the vacuum tube. I can click on the radio, and turn it on. But then I seem to get stuck. I get static, I can't tune it to any numbers/frequency , I can't turn it off and I can't back away. The only resolution is to load a previously saved game. Playing on Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

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    I am having the same problem! Did you ever find a solution?

    This is an old post and you are hijacking it. Please start a new thread if you need game help.
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