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  • Good game, where it all started

    I just solved the original Secrets Can Kill. I will break it down with my categories and give it a score 1/10. My score will represent the year this was made 1998, not 2015. I will comment on both years though.

    Graphics: Well if I rate it from 1998, I give it a 9. Playing it in 2015 and have played much newer ND games, it puts the graphics at the bottom of the pile. 9/10

    Music: The music was pretty repetitive and was scary at times, but overall it became annoying and I turned it down until I talked to another character. 3/10

    Plot: Definitely was looking for a much longer plot, I solved this case in about 3-4 hours. It wasn't very drawn out but it was time consuming just moving from place to place. 7/10

    Games: No games except for the lock into the locker and the lock into the maintenance room.

    Characters: No favorite characters. They all looked pretty odd. Graphics in 98. fantastic. Graphics in 15, not so much. It made me laugh though as you made them mad, their facial expressions didn't really change and whenever you said goodbye to them they said it cheerfully! 6/10

    No favorite parts. My LEASE favorite part was constantly switching between disc 1 and disc 2. It was pretty frustrating having to go back and forth and switch disks.

    Overall a good game. 7/10 My scores represent the year 1998, the year it was made. Not the year I played it, 2015. That wouldn't be a fair rating.
    I can see how this game started a whole amazing series! Very happy they remastered this game, it will make me pull my hair out less and can't wait to play the remastered version! Definitely not my favorite ND game.

    Onto the next mystery! Which are currently on their way to me!

    Slowly collecting all of the Nancy Drew Games!

    I have...
    ~Ridden the Haunted Carousel
    ~Ridden the Train To Blue Moon Canyon
    ~Seen the Banshee of Castle Malloy
    ~Befriended Isis, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    ~Found the Secret That Killed
    ~Ransom of the Seven Ships
    ~Treasure in the Royal Tower

    Currently Solving...
    ~Danger By Design

    My avatar shows which game I am currently solving!