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Glasscutter, teacher lounge, and computer.

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  • Glasscutter, teacher lounge, and computer.

    I know I'm suppose
    to cut some window
    but i dont know what window or where. How do I get into the teacher lounge. And where's the computer im suppose to use?

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    The window you are looking for is
    the teacher's lounge window. If you go to the front of the school and click off to the right instead of going inside, it will bring you to the window.
    But you need something to cut the glass with, have you been in Jake's locker yet?


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      Yes i have


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        Did you look at the
        upper and lower halves of his locker?
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          if you have the
          glass cutter
          you can go to the
          side of the building and cut open a hole in the left window

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