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HELP! What's the login for teacher's lounge computer?!

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  • HELP! What's the login for teacher's lounge computer?!

    I had it written down and now I can't find it. I tried opening the box again but it isn't working and stressing me out.
    Spoilers please!

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    That is the right password, perhaps you have the username wrong? Eloise Drew
    Oh, i might remember that typing the password in all caps doesn't work. Try all little letters
    Listen, my child, to this story of dreams,
    And know that the beginning is more difficult than it seems.
    When the ten daughters are reunited in order,
    When the four-sided box loses its border,
    When the eye of the phoenix is in your hand,
    When the bird of fire can see again,
    When the moon sleeps and the sun plays,
    The king of the sky will shine his rays,
    And hidden beneath a river of colors
    Will lie a gate to golden wonders.