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    secrets can kill: remastered edition
    plot; I seriously love the thought of an actual murder being the plot! It makes me want to dig deep for clues! Although in the remastered one I sometimes felt myself wondering...what was I doing again? I wish they would have included more details about the plot and let it thicken.¶¶¶¶ 4 stars.

    characters; Woohoo! yeah to updated characters is what I say! No more 2-D characters was a relief. Although to be completely honest, I didn't really get to strike up a conversation with them, it was kind of like small talk. It all seemed they lacked personality to me. Overall it was depressing to talk to the characters, because it was like talking to a machine, get the answers, but you don't get to know them. ¶¶¶ 3 stars.

    Connie; Well let's just say she had a aquired taste. She was kinda rude at parts, and she took her monitor job very seriously. She was always "wondering" about Nancy. I guess you know what that mean...i asked to many questions >.< hahaha at times she was enjoyable to talk to..other times she was like "blah, i really don't want to talk to you..." overall i guess she was alright...kind of snotty. probably my least favorite character. I personally liked her better in the original.

    Hulk; Wow, he was a piece of work. He was kind of hard to talk to, he was so into himself. His ego was skyhigh, to say the least. He was veryyy into football and it was pretty much all he talked about. Except when I asked him questions. He tended to be guarded and would try to retreat from the conversation. Although i guess most people would ;] Overall i guess he wasn't to bad, but his ego was hard to go around.

    Hal; Aww he is such a cutie <3 (not literally) his personality was very shy, he really didn't like to be messed with. He really was dedicated to his work, but that is never a bad thing. The coversations i tended to have with him were catious but he was willing to let anything spill. I enjoyed talking to him because he had a way of making me smile. Overall a good character to strike up a conversation with every once in a while.

    Daryl; Daryl, Daryl, Daryl. Boy the conversations I had with him were interesting. He was truely a flirt, just like in the original. Although, he acted differently in the remastered, he was still the pestering Daryl we once knew. Perhaps not as cute, but still has a little bit of a charm to him. He was a great character to start a convo with because he would answer your questions, and then flatter you with a compliment...until you tell him off. Overall probably my favorite of the characters in this game.

    music; Just like the original. No I'm serious...exactly. haha. That's not a bad thing, just different than what I was expecting. I thought it was good, but not phenominal. It would get enhanced when it needed to but nothing really stuck out. ¶¶¶¶ 4 stars.

    graphics; Maybe I’m a stickler or harsh but sometimes it seems the graphics were rushed. When I was talking with the characters, their mouth seemed behind the actual voice so it some-what confused me. But other than that the graphic were updated and very nicely done. Good job HeR as always. ¶¶¶¶ 4 stars.

    length/difficulty; Personally I think these go hand in hand. So to start off I think this game was probably the easiest Nancy Drew game. Ever. I think I didn't even use a spoiler...and trust me I always do. So if you are looking for a challenging game, I wouldn't advise this one. Now onto length. WOW. Is all I have to say. It took me approximatly 4 hours. Not even kidding. It was really depressing because when the ending came, I thought I was just getting started. The short amount of length didn't let the game time to develop therefore, I think the game lacked in everything. The length was disaterous for a MYSTERY. The game length would be fine if you were playing..say.. a game for 5 year olds. Upsetting HeR. I understand this game was kind of rushed, just wish you would have put more thought into it. ¶¶ 2 stars length. ¶¶¶3 stars difficulty.

    puzzles/activities; Hmm, how do I say this. There was literally only 1 puzzle throughout the whole entire game. There was a lot of search and find things, and not a lot of anything else. Also hurtful to the game's sucess.¶¶¶ 3 stars Puzzles. ¶¶¶¶ 4 stars activities

    suspense/scare factor; None. I never felt the least but aprehensive or worries that something was going to happen. I was waiting, because after all it is a mystery...let alone a MURDER mystery. I always thought there would be something hiding and there wasn't. Not scary at the least. 1 star scare factor.

    snooping/investigating; I'll give HeR a break here. It wasn't the worst. There was a little bit of things to find here and there, nothing extrordinary. Although there were a few details you needed to find before you could complete something. There was quite a bit of snooping, not really in the CHARACTER'S stuff...just stuff in general.¶¶¶¶ 4 stars. detective work.

    ending; I can't say I hate it. I actually was completely caught of guard. (I thought I was only halfway through the game...) Well it seems nobody says anything about the culprit so I'll leave it at that ;] It was a fresh idea, and made you think. It gave you a lot of chances to fool the culprit but that's never a bad thing :] Good Job, HeR! ¶¶¶¶¶ 5 stars. ending.

    overall; Alright, I know I have been ubberly tough on this game, but it's only because I KNOW HeR can do so much better! It wasn't a truely bad game, it just wasn't the best. Naturally, I would reccomend this because it is a Nancy Drew game, but let's just say it isn't in my top rankings. If you're looking for a short, easy game than this is the game for you ;] ¶¶¶1/2 3 1/2 stars. overall.
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    Great review! Glad you had a good gaming experience, because SCK2 is one of my least favorites. I will replay it though, because it does remind me of the classic.

    Reps and stars!
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!


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      I adore your review! The only Nancy Drew games I've never ever touched were STFD and both SCKs.... I think I might just go with this one though, because its not discontinued!

      Ha... I love the colors you used for your review, by the way!



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        Ooh. Your review was fantastic! I liked your large assortment of categories. I was thinking of playing this game next, and will definitely take your thoughts into consideration. It's great that you managed to stay positive and seemingly open-minded about this game. That's how I try to play the games. (:
        Again, great job! Your colors look really well together as well.

        Hopefully this game is a bit quick and won't take too much time away from my studying. Ha.

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