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    if i already played the original should i still get the remasterd

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    The remastered and the original are similar, but definitely not the same.

    For example: The Remastered vs. The Original
    Different plot line: Although Nancy is investigating a murder, she gets to work with an undercover detective (Beech) that is pretending to be her uncle. You also use clues, left behind by Jake, to figure out who murdered him which sort of happened in the first game, but the ending was a surprise (SCK1).

    Same Characters Different Looks: Since this is remastered, the characters have been updated to 3-D. Therefore, I personally think they look funnier/wrong. The only one who looks similar to the original is Hal. Daryl and Hulk look like older men (30's) and Connie looks like she should be in Middle School.

    Scenery: You can go to the diner, Aunt Eloise's house, and the school, but not the pharmacy.

    The ending: Easily predictable culprit (in my opinion) but still fun to do.
    Overall I would say the game was pretty good, but if you're expecting the same game from '98, you're going to be disappointed. Even though I did it, I am reluctant to say that there really isn't much comparison to be made between the two. In conclusion, I say buy the game with an open mind, knowing that although it isn't the original, it is still a good, fun Nancy Drew game with a good mystery waiting to be solved! ;D
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      I wouldn't buy it! I thought the game was terrible. I guess seeing the updated graphics was okay, but even they were not that great. Don't waste your money it wasn't worth it.
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