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  • SCK2- Best of Its Kind

    Hi!! This is my review for SCK2. I love all of the support you all are giving me! Thank you soo much!!! You are the best!!! Here's one for all the great people in the world! BTW... I played this as a Senior, if that even affects anything.

    In an AMAZING remake of HeR's first game ever made, Nancy heads to Florida. (I think the city is named Paseo Del Mar, but idk.) She is to solve the murder of a high school student named Jake Rodgers. She is working undercover for Det. Beech 10/10 SUPER probable. Tone of people are murdered in the U.S each year
    Connie Watson- The school hall monitor. (They need a hall monitor to watch all 4 Hallways?!?!) She is usually at her her post in the Student Union. I didn't like Connie too much. She seemed uppidy (That is DEFINETLY not a word) She is pretty helpful though.

    Daryl Gray- The person who found Jake's body. He is really nice and I liked Daryl, he just wasn't for Nancy, now Colin from VEN...... Anyways, Daryl is nice to talk to, even though he usually doesn't have much to say. He can be found at Maxine's Diner. Moderatley helpful.

    Hal Tananka- A foreign exchange studnent. I forgot what country he's from though. He is muy serio (very serious in Spanish ) He doesn't talk much, as he's usually busy studying in the Study Dome. Not too helpful

    Hector Sanchez- A.K.A Hulk. He is this super macho football player who thinks that he's all that. He doesn't do much. He stays in the corner in front of the gym. Not helpful. :/

    Det. Beech- The head of the investigation to find Jake Rodgers murderer. He is supposed to be your Uncle Steve. He is usually in the corner booth at Maxines.
    7/10 Most charcters have nothing or little to say
    Florida! I've been there, and let me tell you, it was nice!! Rains a little too much for me, but we digress. So, Nancy heads to Florida, so I expect to be able to explore Florida's amazing nature, but no, you don't.
    8/10 Would have liked to go outside. The school was constructed well though.
    Yups. This game can be scary, well, maybe not scary, but definetly creepy. I was freaked out whenever I went into the library. 10/10 I like a good scare

    Umm.. the whole game was one big puzzle. The element thing was harder than it seems!!! I didn't understand how to do the final puzzle, so I had to get hints online. 10/10 Nice concept. Puzzles within a Puzzle
    Yes!!! I loved snooping! There is a lot of snooping in here!! Heh heh. 10/10 Snoopers unite!
    All in all, SCK2 was much better than its older counterpart. On behalf of me, Brittny, I award HeR with the "biggest improvement in a single game" award!! Wooo!!!! I give SCK2 9/10!!! See you all next time I manage to write a review!

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    Great Review! I was pleasantly surprised by how new yet still familiar SCK 2 was! :) Nostalgic for sure.
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      Wow, I'm sorry to say, I have to disagree with all of this. First of all I didn't think it was scary at all! The graphics could have been much better, and the puzzles were not that hard. I was really disappointed with the game. But I'm glad you had fun with it.
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