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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I gave this game an 8.
    I thought it was pretty fun, and the graphics were great, but it was really short. The ending really surprised me, though.


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      I gave this game a 10! It was one of the very first HER games I played and its what made me continue to love her
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        I love all of the Nacy Drew games especially the original version of Secrects can Kill but I was a little dissapointed by the remake. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great game but I guess it just didn't meet my expectations. The new graphics were a great improvement and I really enjoyed the new ending but aside from that and only 2 new puzzles the game was the exact same as the original. Maybe it was because I knew the first one so well and knew exactly what was going to happen through most of the game it kept me from enjoying it as much as I could have. It also seemed quite short to me as others have stated. I would recomend it just not to someone who has played the original. I am curious, did anyone have a similar reaction to the game?


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          1 out of 10

          I really did not like this game. The original was already short, but this one had so many more optional scenes that it is even shorter. The characters looked strange and weren't as fun to talk to as they were before. Some, like Hulk and Connie, grew really annoying. We couldn't even talk to the characters too much. What really disappointed me was the ending - the culprit was very obvious, and the ending scene was very boring and unclimactic.
          I much prefer the original game; besides the graphics update (on the locations - not the characters) and removal of disk switching, SCK2 did not bring the original game justice. Instead it only made things worse, so I give this game a 1 out of 10.
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            7 out of 10

            Overall, I enjoyed this game!
            Here is a short list of why I rated this game 7/10:

            -Way too short (can be completed in a few hours)
            -Culprit is somewhat obvious
            -Nancy has a cell phone but phone conversations are really only for obtaining hints
            -Only one truly "challenging" puzzle / not enough puzzles
            -You don't really have an opportunity to establish a real connection/relationship with the characters

            -A great job of remastering the original
            -Music was really fun & graphics were much better
            -Loved the plot (murder mystery!) & the settings were nice as well
            -Lots of little reminders of previous games & even hints about future games

            This game could have been a lot better,
            but I think it's something that every ND fan should experience.
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              I gave this one a 7 because I loved the gameplay-snooping around and finding out everyone's dirt while following mysterious clues was just what I wanted-but it was MUCH too short, the ending was lame, and the culprit was painfully obvious from the beginning.
              I also really appreciated the fact that we were investigating an actual crime! Constantly investigating "weird things going on! OoooOOOoooo!" gets kind of old; it was nice to investigate something with higher stakes and involved investigating motive/means/opportunity.
              If anything, this game made me want to go back and play the first one. Too bad it won't work on my computer!
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                way too short!

                It was waaay too short.
                On the other hand, i was actually surprised at the culprit so woo.
                A little on the easier side too; if it was longer and the same amount of easy that would be okay.


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                  I give it a 7. I loved the twist with the culprit, and I liked the characters especially Hal Tanaka. I just wish the game wasn't so short.


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                    Good...8 out of 10

                    It was good for a Nancy Drew game, the ending was a little obvious to me. I wish that it was more elaborate and 'out of the blue' as to who the culprit was. The barnacle blast was fun, and I enjoyed the diner - the remastered version of the school and areas to explore was very well done! I just wish they would have made Daryl closer as far as animation goes. The other characters had a similar appearance to the original: Continuity!!!

                    Good Job, Her Interactive!
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