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~.~.Got a Secret?.~.~a sck2 review~.~.

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  • ~.~.Got a Secret?.~.~a sck2 review~.~.

    While on vacation in Florida, a student named Jake Rogers was killed at Paseo del Mar High School. Beech, an undercover detective asked Aunt Eloise if Nancy can go undercover and investigate the murder, while trying to avoid becoming victim #2.

    Plot [10/10]:Yes! This is the first murder game in the ND series, and it was darned good one.

    Characters [5.5/10]: There were only a few well-developed characters, and those were Hulk, Connie, and Daryl. The under developed ones were Beech (being a new character) and Hal.

    Puzzles [9.5/10]:There were a few quirky puzzles that involved using a mirror, looking upside down, and reading backwards. The big ones were really cool too, although there was one challenging one (those who have played know what I mean.)

    Setting [7/10]: The only location not on the map anymore was the pharmacy, which seems to be segificant to the plot. Other than that, the settings were very detailed and organized.

    Music [1/10]: I didn't really like the music. It didn't have that "umph" like most music does.

    Scare Factor [2/10]: This was not scary at all! Catching the culprit was a bit stressful, but the game wasn't scary overall. It was a bit creepy, though.

    Snooping [7/10]: You don't really snoop in this game, but when you did, it was very interesting at what you would find.

    End [4/10]: The end was very predictable and not really hard to figure out when catching the culprit.

    Overall [8.5/10]:While this game wasn't as cozy as the original, it was still pretty good. If you like solving murders and puzzles, then you should definately play this.

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    Love love love! This review is why I bought the game!