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My Review For Secrets Can Kill Remastered

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  • My Review For Secrets Can Kill Remastered

    Ok this is what I thought of it
    Summary: Nancy goes to Florida to work with an undercover detective to help find out who murdered a local high school student.
    Plot 9/10 I liked the plot.
    Characters 6/10 I liked some of the characters but I found them to be less likeable then they were in the original game. Also they somehow made Daryl ugly which disappointed me.
    Locations 8/10 I liked the locations, there were not allot in this game but there were not allot in the original either.
    Graphics 10/10 Major improvement on the graphics.
    Puzzles/games 9/10 I found the puzzles to be the perfect balance between hard and easy.
    Scare factor 5/10 The original game scared me allot more then this one but that may have been because I knew what was going to happen in this one so that took away some of the scare factor.
    Ending 7/10 I liked the actual like final puzzle/ confrontation with the culprit in this one better but I did not like how they tied things up in the original it was a little cheesy but it was kind of a everything worked out for everyone ending, this one sort of but not as much.
    Overall 8.5/10 I have to say I can't really decide if I like this one more or less then the original game. This one explained things allot more and had a more realistic ending but I will always love the original game. Worth buying? yes
    Let me know what you think of my review, thanks!
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    I'm working on:
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    I completely agree with your review. And while the game may be shorter than the newer ones just like everyone else has had complaints about, it is after all still technically the very first game. It was not remastered to change the game, it was remastered to make the game playable on computers these days. I'm sure no one wants to be switching discs every time they go somewhere different, am I right? But overall I was very satisfied with this game and to be able to play the first Nancy Drew again made it well worth the money (: