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|♥| ϟ SCK2 {In-depth, spoiler-free review.}

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  • |♥| ϟ SCK2 {In-depth, spoiler-free review.}

    Secrets Can Kill:

    T h e P l o t ;
    This remastered version of HerInteractive's very first Nancy Drew case takes you back to High School to investigate the murder of Jake Rogers. It's up to you to question students and uncover the murderer and their motive. Decipher codes and search for clues in perhaps the most exciting plot of the series.

    Good Things:
    * The plot is exciting. Murder mystery, count me in.
    * Finding quarters was kind of cute.
    * The pictures that are outside of the library.

    Bad Things:
    * The gameplay was really short.
    * The tasklist doesn't give you much guidance in what to do, like it has in other games.
    * Nancy's lines seemed to be revealing every bit of evidence to everybody. I don't really like to do this. Plus, I found her to be very accusatory and sometimes rude.

    Places To Explore;
    Aunt Eloise's house; The bits of the house that you get to see are really quaint, and exactly what I would think an aunt would decorate her home with. You don't really get to see much here, except quite a bit of flowers and elegantly placed furniture.
    Maxine's Diner; From the outside, it's cute. It's kind of really flat looking, which surprises me after all of the amazing graphics in previous games. Inside is reflects what I've seen and would expect a diner of this sort to look like. There's the checker patterned floor and a jukebox, and really cool pictures and chairs. This spot was done really well.
    Paseo Del Mar High School; For what we do see, there is quite a lot of hallway, which really does reflect any High School, and the obvious school bulletin boards and the empty hallways with lockers whose colors don't really match the walls. That was really a ramble-on about the things that were included, which is all good fun, and really reminiscent of an actual school. The library is pretty exquisite, there are a lot of bookshelves with a few books that you actually get to look at. As for the Study Dome and such, they were also done pretty well.

    Good Things:
    * The graphics, other than the outside view of each location, was done exceptionally well.

    Bad Things:
    * Why is there so much trash on the ground of the school? Is there no janitor or clean-up team or something? I mean, I guess I could understand a pencil but, there are so many pieces of paper, a book and I think I saw a cup or two lying around as well. Why?

    Cast of Characters;
    Jake Rogers : You learn that Jake is basically the ears and eyes of his High School, and seems to have dirt on just about everybody. Sadly, it's this information that ends up getting him killed in the end.

    Daryl Gray : The rich boy of Paseo Del Mar High, Daryl is forever trying to flirt his way into your heart. He knows that you have questions about Jake, so could this flirtation be a clever ruse to throw you off his trail?

    Connie Watson : Connie is currently the school monitor and takes her job very seriously. From fixing soda machines and giving you what would be the stink eye, she knows it all. Apparently, she used to date Jake and seems to hcarry a darker secret even yet. Could this dark secret have something terrible to do with Jake's murder?

    Hal Tanaka : As the foreign exchange student from Japan, Hal feels that he has to work twice as hard as the other students in order to score a decent scholarship. Shy Hal seems to be harboring a secret as well, one that could possibly be deadly?

    Hector "Hulk" Sanchez : Oh, Hulk is always going on about himself and his soon to be professional sports career. He seems to lead the perfect life, but could Jake have found out his one flaw? Could Hector have murdered him in order to keep his sports career intact?

    Detective Beech : He's Nancy's police contact, and doesn't seem to know what he's doing. His undercover work seems a bit iffy, but is this only due to nerves or is he really lying?

    Good Things:
    * They were created very well, looks wise.
    * There are a lot of people to talk to.

    Bad Things:
    * They seemed to lag a bit on my computer, to the point where they would just freeze mid sentence for a split second and then continue with their words.
    * However, each person doesn't really say much to you after your first two initial visits.
    * Is is just me or did most of the character's retorts seem a bit rude?

    It didn't really seem like there were that many puzzles in this game. Really, it was such a quick play, that I didn't really notice how fast I was flying. This meaning, the puzzles weren't really that difficult, except possibly the very last one, if you have no clue what you're doing or looking for.

    Throughout the game there really weren't any scary moments, unless you get scared at being trapped in places. Also, I could see how the ending could be scary, but I think most of us have played enough HER games to know how tamed down it was.

    The ending of this game isn't difficult at all. You don't have to think about it, as it's all there for you on the screen. This type of ending isn't really my favorite, but it works for the situation, I suppose.

    Secrets Can Kill: Remastered as a whole was a decent game. The gameplay wasn't long enough to my liking, and I felt that it was a tad bit too easy. If you really wanted an easy replay or starter game, I'd definitely recommend this one.
    However, I would still recommend that you play it either way, as I would any other Nancy Drew game, if not to at least add it to your collection.
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    Good review. This game brings me back to the first one. Same conversations same settings! I think that is why it kind of fell flat...playing true to the first game
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