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    Characters:The characters each had a really bad additude,but they were pretty funny, lets meet them:

    Detective Beech:
    I Dont like him. He's mean and allways ordering Nancy around. Its supposed to be mostly His case yet he's all the time saying: Go get the journal.Blah Blah Blah. I Love Daryl's comment about him, Now theres just a creepy old guy wearing an ugly green shirt. lol. I give him a 0/10 HeR made him like that but I just personnely dont like him.

    Hulk Sanchez:
    He's allways holding a football looking weird,and flirting with girls. He made me Mad sooo many times. I just wanted to kill him. like Connie says: He is such a Dork.2/10

    Connie Watson:
    She was Ok. I thought it was cool how she did Judo. She acted like she owned PDMH. And her coment about Hulk was funny:
    What a DORK! He needs to get a life and stop talking about mine. 8/10

    Daryl Grey:
    He acted so awkward most of the time. It was funny how he flirted with Nancy. He seemed pretty...moody. not much more to say about him.5/10

    Hal Tanaka:
    He's very serious about his studies,and VERY intence about being a doctor. Nice and quiet. Hes ok but theres not much more to say about him either.6/10

    Most of the time they were to easy. Needs to be more challenging.4/10

    None. 0/10

    it was ok...6/10

    Looked very realistic. Good job HeR! 9/10

    Hope you like my review
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