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  • Katie's SCK2 Review

    Review 2 in a long line of reviews to come! I've been a fan for 10 years and I've just played this one and the original again so, for fun, let's compare them.

    • This is a short game. Considering it was a remastered version of the original SCK, I was expecting the plot to last a lot longer. There was a lot of plot in the original version and, understandably, they couldn't do as much with it because of lack of technology and, quite likely, lack of funds. But now these games are selling by the truckload, I was expecting a much longer and more complex story, not just a rehash of the original one with a few random details tossed in.
    • Detective Beach. That in and of itself is a negative to me. I found him very boring and very bland. In the original version, all of the characters were fairly interesting and, to the game's credit, they were interesting in the new version as well. But I didn't enjoy talking to him at all. If you're going to add a new character, that's great, have at it, but please make him interesting at least.
    • The voice acting. In my SCK review, I mention in the positive section that I thought the voice acting was really good. This was not the case in the remastered version. In fact, this would have been annoying to me even if there were no original version of this game. I don't want to insult any of the actors because I'm sure they're wonderful people but I thought they simply didn't do a good job here. It's so lazy sounding that it gets rather distracting in parts. The exceptions were Hal, voiced by the same guy as the original, and our regulars, Nancy and Ned, who have always been good.
    • The ending. I won't spoil it at all but it's not even close to as good as the original. It's just not as interesting. Maybe it's the fact that the original ending took risks and was kind of dark but this one just didn't do anything for me.

    • The music is great. Very creepy and suspenseful. I liked that they kept the music from the original game instead of trying to come up with new stuff. I think there might have been some new music in the jukebox but I'm not sure, I didn't really play with it that much.
    • The graphics are a big improvement. Also gameplay is a lot simpler. Whereas the original had the useless ability to look up and some confusing directions if you aren't familiar with the game, this one is pretty straightforward. It isn't distracting. Getting through the school is a lot easier too. I do prefer the 2D character design of the original but that's a personal preference, if you like the 3D designs that that's fine for you.
    • This is a good starter game. It's pretty easy and sometimes, easy isn't necessarily a bad thing. For a younger or a newer player, it's great to start with something that isn't going to make you want to scream at the computer. That's probably the only thing this game does better than the original, it really helps you figure out what you need to figure out without being too cryptic. The original could be very difficult if you weren't familiar with the gameplay.
    • I loved the allusions to other games. I enjoyed being able to look at books from previous games. If you've played a bunch, that will be fun to find!

    Without a doubt, I believe the original is better than the remastered version. The plot remains almost identical but I thought the twists and turns of the original were far more interesting than the changes the new version made. If you're starting the Nancy Drew series from scratch, this is great for you. But if you've already played a bunch of games and are deciding on this or the original, get the original if you can find a computer that will run it. Seeing how Her Interactive first started out is a lot of fun, it's a learning experience and you can see the evolution of the games a lot more clearly if you start with the original. This is, unfortunately, just not as much fun. If you liked it, great, but I'm not a big fan. I don't think I'll play it again.