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mdetective12's SCK Remastered Review

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  • mdetective12's SCK Remastered Review

    Hello! I got Secrets Can Kill Remastered for Christmas and I loved it! The game was short (you can even speed run it for fifteen minutes!) but I love this game even better then the SCK 1998 version. I'll give this gameplay/plot a 10/10!

    There are four students from the previous version of SCK (Hal, Connie, Hulk and Daryl) plus a new character, Detective Beech. I can't give away too much game spoilers but I can say HeR did a pretty good job with the characters and the new ending. The orginal SCK characters were too cartoonish and it just didn't look like any other Nancy Drew game so I like the new 3D characters better. 10/10.

    There's only two puzzles in this game and if you're a puzzle solver fan, you wouldn't like this game but there is one puzzle that makes you think (you'll have to be good at school for this certian puzzle ) 7/10

    I think that's all. I know it's a short review but like I said, I can't give away the ending or any of the other game spoilers and the game was pretty short :)
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