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  • Case Closed- Review #28

    Hello and welcome to Case Closed!

    Plot: While visiting her Aunt Eloise in Florida, Nancy Drew learns that a high school student named Jake Rogers has been murdered at the local high school, Paseo del Mar, where her aunt is a librarian. An undercover police detective hires Nancy to solve the case. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a perfect plot!

    Characters: In this game, there are five main characters. Daryl Grey, Connie Watson, Hector Sanchez, Hal Tanaka, and Detective Beech. Other characters include Aunt Eloise, Mitch Dillon, and Jake Rogers, all who are unseen but mentioned. Daryl works at the local diner, and he is charming and memorable. Connie and Hector are students, and aren't that interesting. Hal is a studyholic, and I liked him, although his voice was so monotone. Detective Beech was barely talked too, but he was nice. Overall, the characters were pretty good. Which makes me give it a 8/10 for pretty good character development.

    Scare Factor: This game's scare factor is medium. There are definitely some suspenseful moments, and I didn't feel very at ease when I was walking around the school. Nobody pops out at you though, so there are no jump scares or actual horror. Which makes me give it a 6/10 for a medium scare factor.

    Setting: The setting in this game is great! Florida is nice, and you can explore the local high school, a diner, and Aunt Eloise's house. Although this is pretty limited, the school was a good size, which it should be considering it's a school. The diner was limited though, and the setting overall felt small. Which makes me give it a 7/10 for a good setting!

    Length: For this game, I'm going to be honest, it was short. I guess they couldn't add in too much to the original story, which is fine. I cannot play SCK due to my computer, so I can't validly compare the two versions. I started this game today and finished in less than two hours, so this is the shortest ND game I've ever played. Which make me give it a 6/10 for a short length.

    Music: The music in SCK2 was great! I liked the constant piano track they played when you were in the school, and the retro tunes in the diner. The music did get slightly repetitive, but overall it was fine. Which makes me give it a 9/10 for great music.

    Puzzles: This game has a good amount of puzzles. In fact, most of the game was not puzzles, and mostly snooping and deducing who committed the crime. I thought this is very realistic to a real mystery, as you wouldn't have constant puzzles popping up everywhere. The main puzzles were a quick slider at the house and a puzzle which you deduce throughout the whole game at the school. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for great puzzles!

    Graphics: The graphics were stunning as usual. This game was remade and the graphics were obviously updated to 3D. The character's looked pretty good, but Daryl was a whole lot cuter in the 1998 version. The locations were great! The school looked so real it was scary, and the diner was nice. The house was beautiful as well. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for amazing graphics.

    Overall, this game has......

    ~A Perfect Plot
    ~Pretty Good Character Development
    ~A Medium Scare Factor
    ~A Good Setting
    ~A Short Length
    ~Great Music
    ~Great Puzzles
    ~Amazing Graphics

    Overall this game is an 8.3/10! Hope you enjoy this game!
    dαrє tσ plαч