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Secrets can kill Remastered - Review from felicity18

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  • Secrets can kill Remastered - Review from felicity18

    I'm reviewing the remastered version of this game because I've never played the original version of this game.

    Game Story: In this game, Nancy is sent to Paseo Del Mar High to discover who killed Jake Rogers and why.

    This is a great game and fun to play. The graphics are a great and huge improvement from the original that I only saw being played by Michael Gray in his video walkthrough. The graphics could of been a little better but considering how the improvements made it looks much better than before. The problem that I have with this game is that is it WAY too short. There aren't enough puzzles that led to the bigger solution. I really didn't like gathering the coins because it was a really useless task.

    The characters in this game were good. Connie was an interesting character being a judo girl and all. Daryl was a little too flirtatious with Nancy but I liked how she used it to her advantage. Hal just seemed like a guy that was under way too much pressure from all sides. Hector the football guy was a bit of a one sided character.

    This game isn't very challenging enough for my taste. It lacked great complexity and dimension in the storyline and in the puzzles. This game had great potential to be more but it just didn't get there. Our contact during the game was Detective Beech and I thought he was pretty boring.

    All in all, this is a really good game but it had the potential to be more and so much better. Although the graphics were a huge improvement on the original.

    So I give Secrets can kill Remastered a 6 out of 10