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So many secrets! Which suspect was your favorite?

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  • So many secrets! Which suspect was your favorite?

    **My first post with a new name! (I haven't been on the forum in so long and couldn't remember my old, hello new profile!)**

    I'm sure there has already been a thread about this but oh well! Out of all the suspects (with their many secrets), who was your favorite?

    - I have to say, I liked Daryl Gray. Yes, he was a huge flirt (and I'm Ned/Nancy all the way!), but I couldn't help but like the guy!

    How about y'all?

    Note: I don't have my old computer anymore so I couldn't play over half of my ND games. But, my husband surprised me by downloading this HUGE ND game package onto his computer! My man definitely gets me! The remastered Secrets Can Kill came with the package, and I loved solving the case again!

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    I absolutely love Hal. He reminds me a lot of me back when I was still studying. Even now, actually! High self-expectation and standards, pressure to perform...

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      Hey Mercy! I felt so bad for Hal! He had so much weight on his shoulders! Yes, he made a mistake, but Jake was so mean to him!


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        For Remastered, Hal is my favorite too. He's the most believable one to me and is really polite.
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