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    I haven't really done many reviews, but I felt like doing one for this game for some reason, so here it is!:

    Plot: I thought the plot was okay. Especially the idea of a murder mystery! But it would have been nice if you could investigate the crime scene. All there was was Jake's locker, and that was it. I liked the idea though, so I give it 4/10.

    Characters: I liked the characters and their personalities. Especially Connie's. I found Hulk, Darryl, and Detective Peech to be quite annoying though. What also really bugged me about the characters too was that none of them really even cared about Jake's death, and that there was a murderer in the school! If I was them I would be pretty freaked out! I give it 4/10.

    Snooping and Puzzles: In the game, I thought there really wasn't much snooping involved. I think there could have been much more places to snoop in the game. And like I said before, it would've been nice if there was a crime scene to investigate. For puzzles, I can't really say much because there was barely any! That's pretty much it! 3/10

    Ending: The ending was kind of weird. It was sort of awkward because I had no idea what to say or do. I was just sitting there thinking, What!? The ending could have been better. I give it 2/10.

    Overall the game was kind of a disappointment, and I thought it went by pretty fast. There was just some things I liked and some things I didn't. Well that's my review. Hope you liked it!
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    Thank you for your honest opinion.

    I was looking for a review from someone that did not play the original game and though what you wrote was relatively short, it was concise and to the point.

    Reps for your efforts!
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