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  • Stuck after video

    I just got done
    watching the video that I got when I was locked in the boiler room.
    I've confronted everyone that I'm supposed to, and the very last thing that I did was
    get the ladle out of the kitchen when Daryl left.
    Everything is checked off on my checklist other than
    look for clues in the library.
    No one will talk to me including Ned. I can't figure out what to do from here. Please help! If it helps, here is what is on my checklist and in my inventory.
    - Go to basement of the maintenance room.
    - Go see what's up at Maxine's
    - Look for Aunt Eloise's password in a safe place.
    - Talk to Hal about the essay he copied.
    - Figure out a way to get Connie out of the student union.
    - Talk to Connie about the medallion she's wearing.
    - See if any magazines in the library have any info on the drug that was stolen.
    - Ask Hulk about the break in at the Drug Station.
    - Check out the teacher's lounge for info on student essays.
    - Read everything in Jake's locker.
    - Figure out how my phone can help me get into Jake's locker.
    - See if a student knows how to get into Jake's locker.
    - Look in the teacher's lounge's computer for the maintenance room braille lock code.
    - Look around Aunt Eloise's for the teacher's lounge key.
    - Talk to Hulk about his injury.
    - See what the students have to say about each other.
    - Check out all the posters in the gym area.
    - See if there's any clues in Jake's locker.
    - Research the meaning of the "kanji" symbol Connie is wearing.
    - Go to Maxine's Diner and meet detective Beech.
    - Look around Aunt Eloise's for Greek symbols that may be the code to the safe.
    - Go to the school and talk to the students about Jake.
    - Look and see if Aunt Eloise left a note.

    - Look around the library for clues.

    - Library key
    - Teacher's lounge key
    - Matches from the basement
    - Maintenance room basement note
    - Ladle
    - Video tape
    - Gloves
    - Case file

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    Have you looked at/followed up on
    the colorful message in the maps drawer in the library?
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      I have looked at it, but I have no idea what to do with it.


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        Originally posted by BasketballFan View Post
        I have looked at it, but I have no idea what to do with it.
        Read the red letters and then the blue. They form a sentence with directions to follow.
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          Okay. I see why I switched games. I've been stuck here before. So I
          found the thing with the buttons under the chair in the library. The thing is that when I try to hit the 20th one, none of them work. The last one I clicked was the circle with a cross in it, and I can't make it past that. I've tried all of the buttons multiple times.
          Do you think this is a glitch? Because this sounds like a glitch to me. Or maybe I need to do something else before it works?