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  • shє يs hєrє, shє يs scαrєd, αnd shє يs αngrч//α sαw rєvيєw

    [{she is here, she is scared, and she is angry}]
    A Shadow at the Waters Edge review

    [{يntrσductيσn}]: Hi there! I’m Nikoletta, and this is my review for Shadow at the Water’s Edge. I would have to say that when I first saw the trailer for this game, I was extremely spooked—but at the same time, insanely excited! I would have to classify SAW as the scariest Nancy Drew game yet, competing maybe only with MHM, but I played that as a little kid, so who knows!

    [{αtmσsphєrє}]: Oh. My. Gosh. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect with the plot. Every part of it was memorable, the music, the way you only got to explore at night; everything fit perfectly with the plot. This game definitely drips with that creepy, altogether mysterious atmosphere that keeps you aware of your every move—and what could be coming around the corner… [10/10]
    [{plσt}]: Nancy Drew goes on a “vacation” (come on, Nance, you have to realize you’ll never get a real vacation by now) and is teaching English by day and staying at Krolmeister’s favorite traditional Japanese inn, or Ryokan, the Ryokan Hiei. Bess and George are also staying nearby at a hotel as George is in the expo in the city. As soon as Nancy enters the old inn, you can tell there are strange happenings going on, and everyone is hiding shame, and painful secrets.
    Though the plot was very intriguing and uncovering secrets was very fun, this plot did have several key plot holes. There were a couple loose, confusing ends that lessened the game experience, but I didn’t find them as frustrating as several members on the HER message boards; I pretty much speculated the answers to them myself. It depends on how concise you want the ending to be, and be warned: the ending isn’t as concise as you’d think. I have to applaud HER at the same time, given how complicated the plot was, I think for the most part they did a great job with it. [8/10]
    [{lєngth}]: In comparison to many of the newer games, I was very satisfied with the length of this game. Although the pesky reoccurring puzzles may have added to this factor, I enjoyed that it took me awhile to finish and I was very pleased when something new happened and I thought to myself, “Yes! It’s not over yet!” Though HER should’ve used this to their advantage and patched up/explained some of the loose ends, as mentioned above. [9/10]
    [{chαrαctєrs}]: The characters are definitely a strong point in this game, and because it revolves so closely around the Shimizu family, they were very well done and realistic.

    Miwako Shimizu: The quiet, serious woman who works diligently at the ryokan. She is Yumi’s younger sister, and they could not be more opposite. She is easily offended and seems to constantly be unhappy, though she is usually very polite, she doesn’t stand for any questions aimed toward her family life. She was a very interesting and complex character; the whole game I just wanted her to cheer up and loosen up.

    Yumi Shimizu: Miwako’s talkative, fun, rather bossy older sister. She likes what she likes and dislikes what she dislikes; allows no one to tell her what to do. But she’ll sure order Nancy around without thinking twice. Yumi is a very fun character who is so unpredictable; you’ll find yourself being eager to hear all of her responses to Nancy’s questions. Her quirky, unmistakable personality really makes her feel real and contrasts the other characters perfectly.

    Rentaro Aihara: The awkward, clumsy, yet friendly mechanic/handyman of the ryokan. He seems to have trouble trying to say what he means all the time. Overall a very interesting character to talk to, his facial expressions can be especially funny. He definitely feels like the engineering type, as he loves math and numbers. He’ll often confide the contemplations of his own head to you, giving you a sneak peek into the dark past of the Shimizu family.

    Takae Nagai: Yumi and Miwako’s grandmother, who teaches cultural lessons at the ryokan. She is reserved yet not afraid to speak what she believes. Despite being so old, she certainly has a very strong personality about her.
    Once again, bravo on the unique characters, HER. [10/10]
    [{puzzlєs}]: Agh. Let me just say this: if you are not a fan of puzzles, you won’t be a fan of the puzzles in this game. Although I eventually was able to solve most of them on my own, I found myself asking for help on the boards several times. Most of the puzzles repeat themselves too, so if you hate it the first time, mostly likely you’ll be face to face with an even harder version of it later. It gets very, very tedious and almost distracted from the plot, in my opinion. Not even the type of puzzles, but the number of puzzles in total. [4/10]
    [{nαvيgαtيσn}]: Overall, the navigation of this game wasn’t that difficult and you could get from place to place relatively easily. Navigating the trains at first can be a bit challenging, but it is something that players, young and old will probably get the hang of without much difficulty. There are “landmarks” (distinguishable items on the walls, on shelves, etc.) that make the ryokan and garden very easily to traverse through. [9/10]
    [{snσσpيng}]: There is not a ton of snooping in this game, but the snooping you do is not particularly suspenseful or exciting, nor is it boring. Pretty much your average, occasional snooping. [8/10]
    [{єvєnts//suspєnsє}]: Whoaaaaa man. I would advise that young players play with a friend or family member. Even older players should! It has an extreme scare factor. The amount of cut scenes that roll was ridiculous: and I mean that in a good way! Along with the overall atmosphere, this game didn’t miss a beat when it came to the suspense and scare factor, just as a “haunting” type of game should be. [10/10]
    [{scσrє}]: 68/80
    Grade: B
    An excellent game. Worth buying if you love scary games, very fun and intriguing; a great game to play around the Halloween season. You won’t be disappointed.
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    Great review! So detailed! I love the format and colors too! haha! I agree with a lot of things you said especcially with the suspense. Reps to you!!!!

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