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  • Frenchiebubbles
    Nice review! I loved your descriptions of the characters too! Yumi was one of my favorites, and I totally agree with what you said! I want her to be my preppy older sister too!

    I liked your pun in the title

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  • Cheer4ever9212
    I love the review!

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  • Mysterysolver35
    started a topic .~.~What I SAW and saw review.~.~

    .~.~What I SAW and saw review.~.~

    Nancy Drew decides to take a vacation at a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan. However, this ryokan is known to be one of the most haunted places in Japan. Will Nancy be able to survive and solve this scary mystery, or get scared at her own shadow?

    Plot[5/10]: I like the way the plot was used, but it's been a bit oerused. While this game had it's own twist, with the fact of it's Japanese based hauntings. But still, a bit overused. You also had to walk around a bit before something would happen.

    Characters[8/10]: These characters were actually some of the most interesting. They weren't as "popping" as I had hoped, but each had their own unique personality.
    Miwako - She talks a lot, and was very denial. She would deny almost everything you said, and would never straightly answer a question.
    Yumi - Yumi could be like your preppy older sister. She was a bit bossy,with funny expressions, but always had an answer for you.
    Takai - She was the most boring character in this game. She was slow, and would get into long explanation of something, with this,"When I was a child" stuff. She never really got to the point.
    Rentaro - Oh, Rentaro! He was the funniest. He always had a joke, even when he wasn't trying to make one, he was nice, and he was very smart and clever!

    Puzzles[7/10] Most of these puzzles were interesting, but involved a lot of thinking, and the phone friends didn't help at all. The nanograms and sudoku were easy, however. Only 2 were actually ones were I had to buy the strategy guide. Despite the difficulty, they were puzzles I was looking foward too.

    Setting[10/10]: I completly loved this game. It was simply beautiful, with all the flowers everywhere, and the ryokan felt cozy. The fact that you could only walk around at night, though, annoyed me. It would be really dark, and you couldn't talk to anyone but phone friends after 11 pm. But I still loved it, especially the garden.

    Music, Sound Effects, voices.[1/10]:The music could go from yay-I'm-so-happy to omigod-someone-is-watching-me in five seconds. For the game I had the volume turned down because the music and sound effects scared me.

    Scare Factor[10/10]: Omigod, this game made me scream my lungs out of my chest. Something could just pop up without you knowing it. It was scary, especially creeping around at night, when someone could be watching you. [Those who've played the game know what I mean.

    Snooping[1/10]: This game had almost little to no snooping. And if you did, you never really got caught. It's like they would have more security with their things, but they were like,"La la, just gonna leave a cabinet unlocked," "La la, I'm gonna leave this room open!" It bothered me.

    End[10/10]:The end was really good. I had no idea the culprit was going to be him/her, and it was scary until you had to stop the culprit.

    Overall[8.5/10]: This game was good overall, and I suggest playing it with a friend, though. If you aren't easily scared, go right ahead and play it yourself! It was still really good.