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A Bump-Set-Spike Game Review: SAW

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  • A Bump-Set-Spike Game Review: SAW

    A Bump-Set-Spike Review

    The Shadow at the Water's Edge

    Hey! I'm ~MistyMay~ and welcome to my review; A Bump-Set-Spike Review: SAW. I will try to give you a very detailed review, that is un-biased, and spoiler free!

    The areas and grading scales I give are as follows:
    Plot, Setting, Characters, Games/Puzzles, Sound, Snooping/Scariness, The End- I grade using this scale: 1-Served Into the Net 2-Got a Bump 3-Got a Set 4-Attempted Spike 5-You just got spiked!!
    Then I give out 1.) MVC- Most Valuable Character 2.) Best Female Player of the Game 3.) Best Male Player of the Game 4.) How this is ranked compared to other games

    You as Nancy Drew are staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan (inn), owned by a traditional Japanese family. But, a vengeful ghost is terrifying you and other unsuspecting guests. Is there a shadowy specter haunting the inn, or is something far more sinister driving away all their business?

    The Instant Replay: I would give the plot a 4, which means Attempted Spike. I thought this plot was really great! It kept up its level of excitement throughout the game, and made it interesting so you don’t want to quit!

    The setting was extraordinary! I loved it! It easily is my favorite setting by far. The beautiful ryokan inn speaks for itself with the incredibly detailed artwork and the traditional Japanese feel. There are also the Gardens which you can explore, and they are stunning. The other places you can go are Yumi’s Bento Stand and Apartment, the Pachinko Parlor (an arcade), and other places to explore around the ryokan.
    The Instant Replay: I would give the setting a 5, which means You just got Spiked!! It was one of the greatest settings of Nancy Drew gaming history, to me. If you are a gamer who likes to go lots of places and have lots of places to explore this would definitely be the game for you.

    The characters were also very fabulous. They all have different personalities and it is interesting to talk to each one of them.
    Yumi Shimizu: Yumi is the oldest daughter in the family. She is supposed to run the ryokan, according to traditional Japanese ways. Yumi however, wants to live a modern city life which is why she is selling Bento at a stand in the city. Yumi is an awesome character and will be one of my favorites.
    Miwako Shimizu: Miwako is the younger daughter of the family. Miwako wants to run the ryokan, but according to traditional Japanese ways, she won’t be running it. Miwako was a good character too, but you don’t really talk to her all that much.
    Rentaro Aihara: He is the handyman guy in the game. He is very quirky but that makes him hilarious. He is in the shed in the garden, and gives Nancy all sorts of puzzle games. He is a pretty fun character too, and I liked him.
    Takae Nagai: Takae is Yumi and Miwako’s Grandmother. She believes in the traditional ways of running the ryokan and wants Yumi to take it over. Takae was a good character, but not my favorite. It takes a while for her to warm up to Nancy, which makes her a little harder to get along with, but she is too great in her ways.

    The Instant Replay: I would give this cast of characters a 4, meaning Attempted Spike. I thought it was a really good cast of characters, and I enjoyed them all. They are a little hard to get information out of, so there isn’t a whole lot of conversing in this game but they are still great characters.

    Oh. My. This game is all games/puzzles. This part of SAW, I personally disliked. It was so much tasks and puzzles and games, I literally felt like that’s all I was doing. I was glad that it was a more advanced game, but to me, the enjoy ability of the game was to be desired. The games and puzzles range from easy to incredibly hard and it makes it hard to give SAW a Games/Puzzles rating.
    The Instant Replay: There are two ways you can look at this game for a rating, and it is truly your personal preference. If you love tons and tons of Games/Puzzles, you would probably rate it the highest as a 5. If you really dislike a ton of Games/Puzzles, you would give it a 1. So, for me I am giving it a 3, which means Got a Set, because I don’t like as many Games/Puzzles in my Nancy Drew games that were in this one.

    The sound was awesome, as usual! Nancy Drew games give us such an amazing soundtrack of sounds and songs and in SAW the music is very creepy and enjoyable to listen to. I think anyone would agree that this is a pretty good sound track, and most will enjoy it in their game play.
    The Instant Replay: I would give the sound a 4, meaning Attempted Spike. It was very well done, and interesting to listen to, and is something most people will enjoy.

    First off, I will do the snooping category, because I have some grievances about the scare factor! Well, there isn’t a whole lot of snooping in this game, but it is more than in a lot of the games. I wish there would have been a little more things to snoop in, but it is pretty good compared to other games. And now, the moment you have been waiting for. The scare level. I am honestly going to be as honest as possible, but I personally didn’t find this game as scary as it was said to be. Now, if you get scared real easily, then yes, you will think this game is incredibly scary. But if you are like me, you will find this game more bone chilling or creepy than downright scary. I was personally disappointed with the scare level of this game, because I was expecting to be freaked out, and I wasn’t at all freaked out.
    The Instant Replay: I would give Snooping a 3, meaning Got a Set, and I (Remember this rating comes from someone who does not get easily scared) would give the scare level a 3.5-4, just because I can’t decide between a 3.5 and a 4. To me, it falls somewhere between here.

    The End
    Okay, I am going to say this honestly. This was a major disappointment of an ending. It was horrible. If you are looking for a heart pounding, exciting ending you will not find it in this game. It was so lame and just an absolute disappointment and I was super depressed when it was over. I also thought the culprit choice was poor, but that is just me.
    The Instant Replay: I hate to do this, but I am going to have to give this a 1, meaning Served into the Net, just because, to me, it was the worst ending out of the Nancy Drew games I have played. I know this is harsh, but I am just trying to be as honest as possible.

    Special Awards
    MVC (Most Valuable Character)
    “Takae Nagai”
    Because she was the most open and helpful

    Best Female Character of the Game
    “Yumi Shimizu”
    She was so cute and funny!

    Best Male Character of the Game
    “Rentaro Aihara”
    He was the only one! But, he was so quirky he was cute!

    In my top 10 list

    Thanks for reading my Bump, Set, Spike Review! Overall this game is great and I would definitely recommend it to all Nancy Drew Fans. Feel free to comment! Also, read my other reviews as listed on my siggie!
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    To be Broken. ¯`.,¸¸,.´


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