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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I gave this game a six. Honestly it's far from being a favorite of mine. It's too scary for my taste and there were too many puzzles that I either hated or were way to complicated for me. It also got kind of boring for me a few times and I wasn't that excited about finishing it like I am with most of the other games. But it did have some good characters and the snooping we got to do was nice.

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      I gave it 8.

      I gave it 8. It's much much better than the previous TOT. I'm so glad our ND games come back again! However, this game is just a little too scary for me. I screamed out loud at 1am! The puzzles for the senior are a little too complicated, not difficult but taking too much time and effort. Personally I like the kind with more creative plot and in the daytime, so I am not very looking forward to the next. It looks like it is another gloomy castle story. Anyway, I enjoy playing SAW!


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        8 I disliked the final outcome of the original drowning.


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          Gave it a 10. Loved this game :)

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            I give this game an eight.

            I would have given this game a perfect ten - if it weren't for the mandatory number puzzles. Really. Numbers do not like me, and the feeling is mutual.

            And while the characters were beautifully developed, the puzzles interesting, and the setting gorgeous - there was just that certain something missing.

            Overall, a good game.

            -- Ehzi


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              SAW Review

              Generously gave the game a "4." At several points in the game, I wandered aimlessly, waiting for a trigger event to allow me to progress. Too many mandatory + challenging number puzzles to complete - not enough variety. Hesitant to play the Senior Level.

              I've solved them ALL!


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                too much frustration

                that's all folks

                I'm uninstalling this game today - tired of so much frustration and it isn't fun anymore

                it's a beautiful sunny autumn day, and I'm taking my life back


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                  It looks a lot like people either hate this game or love it.
                  I thought most of the puzzles were fantastic (except for one BIG one that I couldn't solve in particular), and there was a great integration of cultural information, but for some reason, I didn't feel as if this game pulled all the elements together well, as in, so many things were great, but they didn't seem all that connected. Definitely one of the tougher games in the series, because of the difficulty of certain puzzles. An 8.
                  Smile. :)



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                    I gave it a 10 for the scare factor, the snooping, and the length!
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                      This is the most amazing Nancy Drew game ever IMO.

                      I loved every part of it, the puzzles weren't to hard, it was a bit spooky, but not really scary. We got to snoop around during nighttime. And the lenght seemed longer than the other ones have been.

                      Absolutely my new favorite game!!!
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                        i loved it. i loved that it was scary!!!! i hope her continues to make games like this. SAW was the best game ever
                        i aculaly loved the puzzles in this game they wernt to hard
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                          This game was a definite improvement over the past couple of ND games! :D Way to go HER! My only complaint would be the one very large and difficult puzzle near the end (those of you who have played it probably know which one I'm talking about.) That puzzle drove me nuts!!


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                            Quoted from my review:

                            To me, this game deserves a 9/10. It was really an excellent game. It had an excellent plot, characters, exploration, sleuthing graphics, music, etc... I'd only like the ending to be improved, and maybe only one really really hard puzzle? (; However, do you guys realize, that HeR has just listened to you? Hugely. I mean you asked for Japan. It takes place in Japan. You asked for more snooping. Well, here you go! You asked for more character development. Wow, there's a lot in here. You asked for a thinking ending, here it is! You asked for less puzzle and task driven games, here it is! You asked for a scary plot. This game is definitely scary.

                            I hope everybody realizes that HeR is now listening to [the boards] and provided the boards with the 'all-request game', extrodinarily meeting all requirements everybody linked to "the classics" (1-5).

                            This is why I give the game a


                            Good job, HeR!

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                              I gave this game a full ten! Although their were some parts that frustrated me and I had to use a walkthough alot, I just loved loved loved this game! It's a new favorite. I am thinking I am going to play this game again here real soon. :)
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                              ~ It's a pretty good game, ~ I love love love this game!!! , ~ defenitly not one of my faves.


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                                HeR is a wonderful job with this game, I feel. It definately made up for how I've felt about the previous games, and I think this is the best game since CUR. :) It had just the right amount of scare, difficult puzzles, snooping, and detective work. It felt like one of the older Nancy Drew games! Great job HeR. Keep it up! :D
                                - paige. x
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