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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    Loved it!

    I totally loved Shadow at the Water's edge! Can't wait for the next Nancy Drew, Nandy Drew: The Captive Curse, to come out


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      Shadow at the Water's Edge was a big improvement from the recent games produced. The length was great, the characters and graphics were well-defined. I loved the sleuthing and spookiness. It was not scary but intense at times. I thought the puzzles were over-the-top and I admit I was not very good at solving them and needed the message board all too often. But there was no third person gameplay which was the best omission HER could make. I give this well done game a 10.

      Some of my favorites:

      Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
      Danger on Deception Island
      Secret of Shadow Ranch
      Curse of Blackmoor Manor
      Treasure in the Royal Tower
      Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
      The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
      Legend of the Crystal Skull
      The Phantom of Venice
      The Haunting of Castle Malloy
      Warnings at Waverly Acadamy
      Shadow at the Water's Edge
      The Captive Curse
      Ghost of Thornton Hall
      The Silent Spy


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        I gave it a nine only because a) I haven't finished it, and b) I scare easily. Like extremly.
        I love this game and reminds me of when I started playing Nancy Drews when I was about 6 or 7. Back when there was much snooping and few tasks. Ever since RAN my high rates have been moving to 6 or 7. This game is bringing up my expectations for the next one.

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          I gave this one an absolute ten. A) Because it scared me easily, but it's about time I actually have been freaked out by a Nancy Drew game.B) Because I belive that this game has more and harder puzzles to do, so your pretty occupied throughout the entire game.

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            Originally posted by Hoppy227 View Post
            I gave it a nine only because a) I haven't finished it, and b) I scare easily. Like extremly.
            I love this game and reminds me of when I started playing Nancy Drews when I was about 6 or 7. Back when there was much snooping and few tasks. Ever since RAN my high rates have been moving to 6 or 7. This game is bringing up my expectations for the next one.

            It's also vrey true that Leah scares easily. The first time we got past the stone fence in HAU, Leah heard a sheep bleak, so she went: "AH!!" True Story!!
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              One of the best

              I'm 34 years old so keep that in perspective as you read this. I thought this was one of the best games. The puzzles were difficult (which I loved). I tried very hard not to get any hints, but I got stuck once and need a little nudge. It took me a week to figure out one puzzle, and I finally conceded to getting a spoiler. It was just the right amount of scary as you'd expect in a haunted hotel. I loved that you could explore around and leave the puzzles for a later time if you didn't feel like dealing with them right away but could still progress through the game in conversations and discoveries. I've always been good at puzzles so the ones in this game were right up my alley. I also love Japan and learning about the Japanese culture. This is my favorite thing about these games is that I can learn about stuff like that.

              I currently can't think of anything I'd change in this game. I do understand the challenges of creating something people will like. You can't please everyone.


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                This game did not disappoint

                Since the first time my sis and I watched the preview after TOT we were soo freaked out by it but I was soo excited to see how it was going to be. Sure enough I bought it the day it came out and right away I loved everything about it. The storyline is somewat tragic but that makes for a great ND game and wat a mystery. The one puzzle in the beginning legit took me 3 days! My bro had to do it for me lol and I hav to admit yes it did frustrate me but that didnt stop me from rating it a 10. I loved every character since theyre all going thro the same thing which in that case made them kinda touchy about a certain subj and the puzzles were challenging and yes I did use spoliers for the most part but all the scary scenes gah! Thro out the entire game something creepy happened. The ending was kinda short but way better than TOT ending. That was NOT one of my favs. So all in all AMAZING game! Cant wait to see how The Captive Curse is. Great job HER. Oh and I loved all the bento boxes :D
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                I've Stayed Tuned for Danger
                Found the Message in a Hanted Mansion
                Discovered the Treasure in the Royal Tower
                I Survived the Final Scene
                Sleuthed out the Secret of the Scarlet Hand
                Encountered the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
                Figured out the Secret of the Haunted Carousel
                Lived thro the Danger on Deception Island
                Found out the truth behind the Secret of Shadow Ranch
                Revealed the Curse of Black Moore Manor
                Rode the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
                Discovered the Secret of the Old Clock
                Dealt with the Danger by Design
                Encountered the Creature of Kapa Cave
                Befriended the White Wolf of Icicle Creek
                Deciphered the Legend of the Crystal Skull
                Stayed with the Phantom of Venice
                Was creeped out by the Haunting of Castle Malloy
                Went sunken ship diving for the Ransom of the Seven Ships
                I was Warned at Waverly Academy
                I steered clear of the Trail of the Twister
                Almost drowned by the Shadow at the Waters Edge
                Lived thro the tales of the Captive Curse
                Was in jail but found the Alibi in Ashes
                Cannot wait to finally go to Egypt in Tomb of the Lost Queen


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                  SAW was an amazing game! The only reason I gave it 8 stars instead of 10 is because:
                  1) There were times when I couldn't figure out what to do. It would have been nice if Bess and George were a little bit more helpful about which cousre of action you should take next.
                  2) The puzzles were pretty hard. I don't like math, so Rentaro's puzzles were grueling!
                  3) I wasn't crazy about the culprit choice. While it was surprising, it just seemed sort of far-fetched.
                  Otherwise, it was just really awesome! Keep up the great work, HeR!
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                    I gave this game about a 6.5 (rated 7 on the poll). Although this game was a great improvement from other recent games like RAN, I agree with some previous posters that there were too many puzzles. A couple of puzzles I don't mind, but this game was a bit ridiculous. I think there should be a balance in games for those who are great at puzzles, and those who prefer not to do puzzles. There were honestly a couple of points in the game, such as the wall nonogram and the portait, where I thought I would never finish the game. More could have also been done with the setting, like more locations, but besides that the game looked great. I loved the characters, though, as well as the unpredictable plot and "scaryness." I really loved the bento and the different activities, like the calligraphy. I also LOVE snooping, so I loved the return of that. So, this game was good, but not one of my favorites.
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                      I give this game an 8! Ive been a Nancy drew game fan since the beginning, so I've played almost all of the games in the series. I do agree this is an improvement, especially the animation/graphics.

                      I like the japanese theme and it showed how much they've researched on this culture, even asian horror movies! I like the ghostly creepiness. I didnt think it was that scary, but just really creepy. I wish there is more of that in future games. This game also made me want to keep playing until the end. (The last 2 games I lost interest in and never finished)

                      What bugged me the most is that for me, Nancy seemed way too nosy in this game, I starting to get annoyed by her repeating personal questions which I didnt find as "sleuthing". It also could be because this case wasn't given to her, but she stumbled upon it. I didnt like the ending too much, it felt short and rushed and the culprit's story was mediocre.

                      Puzzle-wise, I didnt mind the numbers, but I do agree that they should cut down on the puzzles next time.

                      Overall, I liked it and I recommend any fans to grab this. If you enjoyed the scariness in this game, you should start watching asian horror movies ;)


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                        I gave SAW a 9/10. Although it was a lot better than TOT, I didn't like the culprit choice and some of the puzzles were grueling! I loved the story line and the characters/scenery, though!

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                          I gave SAW an 8! It was probably the second-scariest game I've played (Blackmoor Manor being the first!). The characters were great and the music was fantastic, particularly the scary one that often played around the ryokan--it never failed to make me just a bit nervous!

                          However, once again, like other people have said, the ending was a bit rushed and I absolutely hated the final puzzle and the culprit's story. The thing that really irked me the most, though, was the huge amount of number puzzles. I get having one or two of them but there were simply too many of the same kind and, to be honest, it made people like me who hate those kinds of puzzles quickly give up and just get a spoiler. Other than that, though, it was great!
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                            I loved this game!! I gave it a nine! I thought that little whale was soooo cute!!!!:)
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                              I loved how scarey this game was. I am glad they stick to scarey and not go gory too..

                              I will say that my only "complaint" about this game is the repetition of puzzles. i dont mind struggling through a puzzle once, but when you have to struggle through BENTOS 3 times, and sudokus 6 times well that got go be a bit much, in my opinion.

                              and the picture frame wire puzzle was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE without a very good "spoiler" from someone.

                              I will say it was the hardest nancy drew I have ever played, mainly because there were NO SPOILERS, to help you with the bentos.. and that in itself was frustraiting at best.

                              It took me 3 whole days to struggle through this.. "struggle" being the key word.. I almost just gave up from frustration itself. I rated it at a 6 just due to the suspense. If there was a way to bypass all those bentos, and sudokos.. I would definately have rated it higher. I understand that the puzzles are what makes the game fun, I just wish they were "different" puzzles and not repeats over and over again. of course I understand there are those who LOVE those types of puzzles and then they would ADORE this game.

                              Looking forward to the next adventure. Can I suggest another animal themed mystery. I love the Shadow Ranch one and Deception Island. Those are favorites! Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.


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                                10. That's a no-brainer! I ADORED doing Bento; I'm obssesed;)
                                TOTAL, OBSESSED, 100% GLEEK :)