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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    This game was leaps and bounds ahead of The Trail of the Twister. The puzzles were challenging but, possible. I especially liked the one where you have to make it so the wires can't touch, and the last on where you make the pictures with numbers.
    The sudoku was a little intense. I loved the fast that there weren't as many tedious tasks as some of the games.

    The plot was good, defiantly scared me a few times, and I went back and forth on who the bad guy was going to be, the dual endings was also a nice treat.

    Overall I gave the game a 10 out of 10, well done!!
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      It was DEFINITELY one of the best games in a while, but it was a little tedious in places.
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        I loved this game! It took me longer than most, which is a plus, and it had juts the right amount of trickiness. There were parts where you weren't sure what to do but it wasn't TOO hard, and it didnt just tell you exactly what to do like in some of the easier games such as TOT and Kapu Cave. The puzzles were abundant as everyone is saying but atleast there is online walkthroughs. (I admit, I tried not to use cheats but when I saw that nonogram at the end, I didn't even feel like trying, I went to a walkthrough. And those are helpful for when you are really stuck.) Overall I loved it! The mystery, the suspense, the characters (especially Rentaro!) and the amount of stuff to do! I also love Bentos!


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          I rated 10.
          I really loved the game and this game is my new favourite game. Normally i finish a game in a few days. I finished my pre-ordered game today and didnt even made all the sudoku's.
          The endlessness of some games are great, the puzzles very very good! The story was scary, storyline good, karakters very very good and the scene's fine.
          This game was a snooping game and Nancy had the snooping thing what a lot of people want back. Very great work HER


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            1) The Culprit(s):
            Easy to predict early in the game. Not because of any clues, but rather because of the portrayed culture and the gender orientation/bias of the game.

            2) Game Balance:
            Needs improvement. There were a few puzzles that really were a bit 'overkill'. I.E. Monster Sudoku, and final nanogram. The Puzzle-book was okay..Nice touch. But, the book should have been more instrumental in solving the overall mystery.

            3) Elements of mystery:
            Was mediocre. The game could have used more relevant elements to tie the storyline/plot together very smoothly. For example, I felt that many of the puzzles were in and of themselves of no real use to the overall plot, and they just killed the momentum and rhythm in the game.

            4) Intrigue:
            Held up pretty good. The game did keep my interest alive (except for the boring parts of the puzzles)

            5) Game Navigation:
            Fair. The graphics were nice. There is one thing that annoyed me... In these types of games (First person /exploration), it is extremely important to be consistent with "user discovery". The rules of a given environment should not change. For example, the pond in the garden... Discovery of new elements occurred later because the game unlocked it later. It would have been more interesting if it had always been unlocked, but that it was trickier to find it. (whats really cool is stumbling across stuff prematurely, only to discover its importance later). But Don't waste time by forcing the user to back track fruitlessly.

            The Overall game was fun and enjoyable. And I can say that I learned a thing or two about Japanese culture. That's major points toward the quality of this game.

            Good job


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              I gave SAW a 9. It's probably more like a 9 1/2. It's definitely one of my top 5 favorites, and I've played all the games except Final Scene.

              It was NOT too scary. Creepy, yes, but not too much. In fact, I was expecting a little more scare since I had heard so much hype about it being worse than Crystal Skull or Blackmoor Manor.

              More snooping, better puzzles, cool train travel, great characters, good music and graphics, dual ending, good surprise on culprit.

              Cons: Limited dialog, not many people to call, not much use for camera, would like another location and person as well, need more choices for dialog and less lame questions for Nancy to say, no Ned or Frank/Joe.
              It's up to you as Nancy Drew!


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                I absolutely loved this game! I thought it was so much fun and the setting was so neat! I really enjoyed all of the challenging puzzles that were given and the activities to do like making bento and doing the nanograms and such. It made my top list of favorite games...Definitely a 10!!
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                  One time I want Nancy to say "It's Unlocked!!!!" "MAWHAHAHAHAAHHA" And Karate Kick the door down!


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                    I LOVED this game! I have played all the Nancy Drew games over the years, so I always end up comparing new games to the old ones. Curse of Blackmoor Manor is my favorite game, and I haven't fully enjoyed the games since that one. I will always play them no matter what, but this game proved that HER can still make great games. They only thing I didn't like was the GIANT puzzle near the end of the game. After a while I was able to understand how to work it out, but without a spoiler, I would never have been able to finish the game. I actually liked the number puzzles, especially Sudoku. I love Sudoku, so when I saw the master sized one, I was excited! The end was, at first, exciting, but after the "incident," it seemed really slow. Throughout the game, I rarely was stuck.
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                      Originally posted by Godslamb View Post
                      Wow, and here I thought I was going to be the only one who felt this way! I agree 100%. I had to get my daughter to help onn the puzzles, because these type of puzzles are very hard for me. I couldn't even continue on with the game until she was home. I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do many times.
                      I am not a stupid person, but I sure felt like I was with this game. I had to keep a walkthrough open just so I knew what to do next! I am very disappointed with this game. I have only just barely started, and am thinking of not bothering to finish it.
                      Very sad. I LOVED the older games!! Love the sleuthing and scariness. This game is scary??? Maybe when it gets further into the game??
                      I'm with you two... the puzzles were way too annoying and long!!!! Not fun at all!! And you had to wonder around alot because you didn't know what to do next! I like the finding clues and figure stuff out (mystery wise) not all the tech stuff. This wasn't that bad but not as fun as some of the older ones. Shadow Ranch is one of my favs!! Deception Island, Blackmoor Manor.. those were fun. These last few have been boring!!!! And not FUN at all. Just annoying. Please ND devs... make them more fun and mystery... not boring and annoying and tech tech tech. geeeez!


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                        I gave this game a 9.
                        It is by far one of the best as far as delivering what we have asked for in a game.
                        The two things I disliked were having to do puzzles to get a hint and Rentaros puzzles were not fun.
                        I did understand doing Bento for info from Yumi. That made sense.
                        Aside for these two dislikes, the game is very high on my "like" list.


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                          I absolutely LOVED this game. It had a great plot, great characters, great minigames, and great everything! I also liked how everyone was being so secretive. That created suspense, which makes people want to keep playing. The scariness also added greatness. It kept you from being bored. But, I did not enjoy the difficult puzzles from Rentaro. And, if you got stuck while doing one of Rentaro's puzzles, you could head over to Kure, and play the Pachinko game, and win some awesome prizes! Three words for HeR, KEEP 'EM COMING!
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                            Loved it!

                            I've played all the ND games except for 'Trail of the Twister'. I'm in my twenties, but I still can't get enough of them! This was one of my top three favorite games so far. I was surprised by how creepy it actually was. It definitely got my heart pumping more than once. I liked Rentaro's puzzles, mostly the nanograms. The setting of the game was just beautiful with the garden. I wasn't able to 100% determine who the culprit was before the ending, so that was also good. I feel like Her Interactive has really stepped it up with the last few games I've played (this and Waverly) and I hope the trend continues!


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                              This was a HUGE step up from Trail of the Twister and probably the scariest of all ND games for me. My only quip is that although it took a while to complete, it was mostly due to having to wander around aimlessly without a clue as to how to continue. Some puzzles were downright tedious, but I'm glad they weren't too easy.

                              Overall, 8/10 and definitely glad I purchased. :)

                              (Now, I feel like I've gotten my dose of scary and I kind of wish the next game wasn't also a creepy one, lol.)


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                                8. I loved the characters, but many of the puzzles were too hard to complete without massive help.