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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    6. i hated all the tedious puzzles that you had to complete in order to move on in the game like the 5 sodoku puzzle it was just tedious and wasnt that much fun. i got more angry because they're were so many answers required that if you messed up on one number you had to go over all 720 answers in order to move on. and it wasnt just that one the mirror image was frustrating for the same reason. along with the back of the picture.

    on the other hand it was pretty ******* scary which i LOVED! i also absolutely LOVED how i didnt know who did it for sure until the very end. good plot bad puzzles.


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      I vote 8 (more 81/2). I would vote 10 except for the giant puzzles and culprit(s). I was disappointed in the culprit(s).
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        I rated this game a 9 becausenI was just a wee bit disappointed with the ending. I would have liked for there to be a more exciting end game sequence like a chase or something like that. Other than that, I loved it.
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            Rating: 7/10

            The best thing about this was definitely the amount of horror. I loooove the Nancy Drew games that make me jump five feet in the air and throw my laptop across the room. This one definitely made me do that. More than once.
            But the not so hot things? Just to sum it up, the directions for the bentos and nanograms, especially, were downright confusing and did not help me whatsoever. And was that huge, twentyfiveXtwentyfive nanogram at the very end nescessary? I know that a challenge needs to be presented. But, either make the directions a whole lot easier to understand, or do a puzzle that everyone knows. Such as the soduku. The ending, however, although very creative, was somewhat ... dragged out too long. It took me a while to figure out where he/she was and why. Adding the fact that I figured out who it was as soon as I found out one major motive of his/hers.
            Other than that, the length was good. Went for help a little more than I would have liked (main search surrounding the games) but was alright.

            Thanks, yet again, for another Nancy Drew game. Keep them coming!
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              A solid 9

              I gave this game a nine. I loved the story, mystery and the characters.

              What kept this game from being a ten for me were three puzzles in particular that I really did not like and I found extreamly difficult.

              But other than that I really enjoyed this game, it was a lot of fun!


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                I gave it a 9.
                Very spooky, lots of character interaction, suspenseful plot, puzzles that were hard but not too hard [I only used a spoiler for a puzzle once, and that was because I had to rush and finish it before a certain time], and pretty long.

                The only bit I didn't really like was the ending/explanation. After such a tense and dark game, it felt a little too "nice".


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                  10! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED this game! It felt just like the older games--plenty of dialogue, spooky instances, and snooping galore. GREAT game, HI!
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                    i love this game!!! my absolute favorite by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      ***** (five stars) It was great!
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                        I loved this game and I thought it was one of the best!!
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                          Originally posted by nawahtel View Post
                          I'm with you two... the puzzles were way too annoying and long!!!! Not fun at all!! And you had to wonder around alot because you didn't know what to do next! I like the finding clues and figure stuff out (mystery wise) not all the tech stuff. This wasn't that bad but not as fun as some of the older ones. Shadow Ranch is one of my favs!! Deception Island, Blackmoor Manor.. those were fun. These last few have been boring!!!! And not FUN at all. Just annoying. Please ND devs... make them more fun and mystery... not boring and annoying and tech tech tech. geeeez!
                          I have to agree with you guys. I had to get help with almost everything in this game. I have played every single game, and this one was truely frusterating and the games were way to hard. It took me a whole day to just get the spoiler right to finish the wall puzzle because the nanogram is tooo hard to understand. I felt like I was in a hard math class grrr! My favorite games are Blackmoore Manor& Shadow Ranch, I like games where the puzzles take time to figure out, but you don't have to be a Math genius! Like catching the Ghosts in Blackmoore, or the slider puzzles. Or the vegetable game in Shadow, or some of the card games. Please HER don't make these games unfun for us. Remember there is a reason why we have played sooo many in the past. I want lots of places to explore, scarry yes, fun games, and one that lasts a longtime, and a good ending! Thanks for letting me vent:0)


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                            Scared me half to death! Sometimes.....But I really loved this game. I screamed a lot. Hah. Made me wanna watch The Grudge.


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                              Oh gosh! I don't know what to say I absoloutely positively have to give it a.... 7. Yes! A seven! What is happening to Nancy anymore? I loved the old games where Nancy had a little spook now and then, and most of the things were self explanitory. I'll admit I'm not one for scares, I played it during the day, with my brother by my side. (fortunetly he actually wants to watch and I thank him many times for that on this game) But when the scariest part came I actually closed my eyes! Okay maybe I'm a scardy cat just a tad bit but I don't think I've ever done that before! usually I just jump back with my mouth open shaking from the adrenaline rush. But that time I closed my eyes! (okay, maybe I peeked a bit) Now, you may say that it was one small scare but I felt that through the whole game! And the puzzles! Puzzle after endless puzzle! Do you think they could've been made any longer? Gosh they took me forever! And I had to go for hints all the time. Many things weren't explained very well in this game. I thought this would be a turn around from the previous game TOT which had way too many tasks, but no, I was wrong. Don't worry I'll buy more games but from the looks of the next one I'm not going to be too pleased with that one either. Does HER Interactive really have to join this whole vampire, werewolf, scare-you-till-you-are-almost-dead craze? Please don't! I loved the older games. Ones where you actually solved the mystery not just bump into the answer while you solve puzzle after endless puzzle with a couple of scare-you-to-death spooks! I love Nancy Drew, but I didn't love how this game turned out.

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                                I rated it a 9.
                                I thought it was one of the better Nancy games.
                                In my opnion, it was scarier than some of the most recent ones which gave it an advantage. Scarier Nancy games usually means a better Nancy game. me at least. It's the suspense and the fear that makes it wonderful, as well as the depth of characters.
                                I think HER did a great job on this one!
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