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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • Good game over all! I felt like the characters should have been more guarded and secretive and I wish I had more questions answered, but overall this game was great!


    • Touted as Scary or Spooky. I didn't get that feeling while playing this game. I thought Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and Blackmoor Manor were much scarier. Also, I don't care for Sudoku style games. They were too difficult and took way too much time to complete.

      A suggestion would be to include a "skip" button which would allow the player to move on in the game even though he/she cannot complete a puzzle. These are included in many other online games and are far better than having to quit in the middle of a game without being able to learn the ending.

      Because I am a Nancy Drew fan, I have collected all the yellow cover hard bound books and all the Nancy games for pc. If HER would like to know which games I enjoyed most of all I have listed them below.

      My ND favorites are (in no particular order):
      Message in a Haunted Mansion - I like ghosts and love San Francisco
      Treasure in the Royal Tower - I love that castle!
      Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - Scary dogs, cemetery, a speakeasy - Yum - I want to live there!
      The Scarlet Hand - I am an archaeologist who wanted to work in the Mayan peninsula but it just wasn't in the cards.
      Curse of Blackmoor Manor - Spooky at times and so much to do!
      Secret of the Old Clock - Vintage Nancy! Where it all began and how I got hooked when I was 10!
      Legend of the Crystal Skull - A spooky setting in the bayou - perfect!

      I have played these ND games over and over again. Whenever I want to be Nancy I just load one of these games into my pc and become enthralled in a wonderful adventure.

      Yes, I have them all, but these are the only ones I continue to play today and will keep playing. I wonder if they are similar to others' favorites.



      • I gave it a ten. I absolutely adored this game. I loved the puzzles; they're about my favorite type of puzzles to see in these games. I felt like there was a good mixture of both easy and hard, and the hard ones were challenging for me without being downright frustrating.

        I loved the scare factor. There were a couple times when I genuinely screamed out loud, and I don't think I even scare that easily. The characters were enjoyable, and the culprit kept me guessing right up till the end.

        It also felt much longer to me than a lot of the recent games have been. This might even be my very favorite game out of the entire series (and I've played all of them)


        • I gave this game a 10/10. This game was totally great! I loved it! The puzzles are a little challenging but you have hER to give you hints for those :) I think the characteres were great and so were the graphics! There were so many places you could go and I loved the fact it was in Japan! I highly reccomend this game! :)
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          • Could not stand this game. I gave it a 3 out of 10. The puzzles were the worse. I got such a big head ache after this game. YUCK!!!


            • I give it a 9/10. Great characters, music, setting, theme. Okay puzzles and pretty good ending. Overall I felt something was missing - I'm not sure what. But it was a really enjoyable game! (:


              • This game is a 10//10 for me. One of my favorites - everything was great. Puzzles were challenging, but that's what the Hints and Tips board is for. :)

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                • 10-10 from me.
                  It was an amazing game and was capable of making someone wet themselves at some parts XD
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                  • I would rate SAW as a 9.5 [voted a 9]. On the plus side: in-depth character interactions, scare factor, length, good difficulty level, a variety of puzzles, and tons of exploring and snooping. Only major downsides: sometimes tends towards tediousness, poor conclusion/culprit. Overall, a definite success for HER and the fulfillment of everything we have been asking for in the newer games. Recommended, though not for the youngest or newest sleuths. Look in my signature for a fuller review.


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                    • SAW

                      Yes, I would agree that the culprit was predictable--I new who it was from the beginning. Have you noticed a trend with the culprits now? But overall, this game was the scariest, and therefore, one of the best. I really appreciate the more challenging games


                      • I did not like this game very much. I enjoyed learning about Japan and the culture, but the suduko, renograms, and nonagrams really irritated me. I am horrible at suduko, so I try to avoid it as much as possible; having to do it to finish the mystery was not fun. It wasn't scary to me at all, either. The graphics were great, the characters were pretty good, some of the puzzles were very good.
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                        • I give this game a 9/10 -- it is definitely one of my favorites. The characters can get annoying at some times, but in a good way (if that makes any sense). Their reluctance/unwillingness to provide Nancy with the information she needed made it more exciting to finally uncover. They also had very unique personalities, which I like to see. As for the story itself, I really enjoyed it. But yes, I felt there were a bit too many unanswered questions. That's not to say I liked the game any less, though. The scenery and graphics were beautiful/amazing (yet eerie at the same time, especially at the ryokan), and the music was very fitting (although most of the tracks seriously creeped me out). Speaking of terrifying, this is easily the scariest game I've played as of yet. There were several moments where I jumped way too high in my chair. (I feel that CUR is like a Sunday picnic compared to this game.) Some of the puzzles were ridiculously long and hard, and that got annoying at times. However, I was very satisfied with the overall long length of the game itself. Finally, the ending was a bit of a disappointment, as I felt the culprit was a little too obvious. In conclusion, I still loved the game and I play it all the time.


                          • Gave it a 8/10


                            • I gave this game a 9. The plot was good and so were the characters. However, I wish you had gotten to explore more. Still a very good game.


                              • 7/10. I thought the tasks was kinda to hard. But the plot was very good! This game scared me alot! Hehe!
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