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  • RockUrSox SAW Review!

    Hey guys! Here's a review for SAW that I wrote. Hope you enjoy it!

    Plot: The plot was okay I guess. I didn't think it was really that clear. When you get involved with the ghost and puzzles and stuff like that, you kind of forget what the plot is. And in the game, I wasn't really sure how the ghost tied in with the plot at all. Therefore, I give the plot a 6/10.

    Setting: This game takes place in Japan, which I loved! The ryokan, panicko parlor, and garden were all very beautiful. There were times when I wished you could see a little more of Japan though. One thing I didn't like about the setting was the time the game took place in. I didn't really like that it only took place at night. I would've liked the game more if it took place in the daytime too. I give the setting an 8/10.

    Characters: I loved the characters! Especially Yumi and Rentaro, (Rentaro was my favorite character ). They all had their own personalities and everything! They only character that somewhat bothered me was Takae (the old lady). I know she was Japanese, but how...she sort of bugged me. She was probably my least favorite character. But the rest of the characters were awesome, so I give them a 9/10!

    Puzzles: I thought the puzzles were actually pretty good! They were challenging and made you really think! I actually had to use cheats for some of them . There were some that I thought were too challenging actually, and i wondered how someone could do it without cheats. But besides those, the puzzles were okay. I also loved how they put sudoku in because I love sudoku! . I give puzzles an 8/10.

    *Scare Factor: Omigosh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but this game was pretty scary! There were times when I totally just jumped out of my skin! This is probably the scariest ND game I've ever played! Good job HR! 10/10!

    Snooping: I thought the snooping was pretty good. There were a lot of places you could go and snoop in (not including the rooms in the hotel!) Overall snooping was okay, and I give it a 9/10.

    Ending: The ending was okay. I thought it went by pretty fast. I also thought it was pretty easy. I totally wasn't expecting the culprit though, so I give the ending a 7/10.

    Overall, this game was pretty good and interesting! I really enjoyed it! I give the whole game a
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