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SAW Review, from the Perspective of a Lover of Creepy Things

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  • SAW Review, from the Perspective of a Lover of Creepy Things


    From the perspective of someone who likes creepy things

    Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe. I deeply enjoy being freaked out (as opposed to grossed out--I'm looking at you, horror movie directors). This is a review intended to help like-minded people. I will probably disagree with you on this game if you do not like to be scared. Thank you for reading this. Now, on to the actual review!

    Technical issues: I am a Vista user. I had no technical problems with this game at all! It installed fairly easily, and didn't lag at any point in the game. It did its job well.

    Setting: It was a bit of an odd split, but it seemed realistic. Half of the game, the part that took place in the ryokan, was dark and mysterious, while still retaining the clean lines of traditional Japanese architecture. There wasn't a whole lot that you could zoom in and look at for no reason, and I wish there was, because I just can't get enough of it. The other half was oddly bright and cheerful, as it took place in the cities of Japan. It was an obvious contrast to the ryokan, and I found it a little bit annoying, but it makes sense for where it is, so I suppose it had to be made that way. The entire game takes place at night, which I liked very much. Overall, the setting was beautiful, and the ryokan put me on edge.

    Music: This was an important part of the game's general feel. I have to say that the music was AMAZING. Whenever the song came on, even several hours into the game, I felt like I wanted to hum along with it, instead of bash it into pieces as I did in certain other games. Even the techno music in the cities isn't so bad, because it goes along well with the surroundings.

    Puzzles: I actually enjoyed the Bento puzzles more than any of the others in this game. None of the puzzles seem to have any air of mystery around them, and there are a LOT of number puzzles. If you don't like sudoku or renogram puzzles, you're going to need a walkthrough (just as I did--there is one particularly large renogram that I didn't even try to do myself.) That said, though, there are only a few mandatory puzzles, and there are plenty of optional ones who people who enjoy them.

    Gameplay: You play this game about the same as you would most other Nancy Drew games. You move with your mouse, there's a slightly maze-like system of transportation, and that's pretty much it. There's not a whole lot new as far as moving around, but that just means you don't have to get used to doing things in a different way.

    Characters: None of the characters were creepy. There was no Renee Amande, or anyone like her. Also, the grandmother talks annoyingly slow, which makes it a little bit weird if you have subtitles on and you already know what she's going to say a minute before she says it. As for whether their accents were authentic or not, I am not qualifyed to tell. Although they're not scary, Rentaro and Yumi are interesting and moderately funny.

    Plot: The plot is easy to follow. Unlike what I've noticed in other games, there's not a web of blame where it seems like every character is responsible for some part of what's going on. However, it seemed like none of the characters would say what happened to Kasumi, although we sort of already know from the trailer. This seemed a little weird to me.

    Cheesiness: This game did awesome as far as being scary without getting cheesy. The characters seemed to react realistically to what was happening, and the strange things that were going on were all explained at some point, so they had credibility.

    Overall, how fun it was: There was quite a bit of work involved in this game, but, I'm pleased to announce, NO CHORES! From what I can remember right now, there is never any time where you hear Nancy say, "Sure. I'll be right back with that sandwich/notebook/thing you wanted." The story keeps you interested, and I would say it's pretty fun and thrilling to play.

    Overall, how scary it was: Very spooky. There were a couple of jump scenes, with cool effects, and the general feel of it just felt like you shouldn't be there. I mean, in a good way. It's just as scary as Legend of the Crystal Skull, if not even more!

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 5/5. No problems.
    Setting: 4/5. Spooky and logical.
    Music: 6/5. Best music in a ND game so far.
    Puzzles: 3/5. Average to difficult.
    Gameplay: 3/5. About the same as normal.
    Characters: 3/5. Not scary, but funny.
    Plot: 4/5. Keeps you interested.
    Cheesiness: 5/5. Seems totally realistic.
    Fun factor: 4/5. Fun, some of it hurts your brain.
    Scare factor: 5/5. It'll make you freak out.
    TOTAL SCORE: 47 out of 50. That's 94%, as in A, as in go out and play this game if you want to be spooked out of your seat.
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    Creepiness game reviews:
    Very scary: SAW, 94%, MHM, 88%, and CAP, 80%
    Sorta-scary: CRY, 72%, DDI, 72%, and CUR, 67%
    Not so scary: DOG, 60%, CAR, 58%, TRT, 57%, and ASH, 50%
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    Definitely well written and thought out.
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      Well written and thought out review! I enjoyed reading it and agree with you on a lot of your points, especially the puzzles. Those were difficult, but I really enjoyed the Bento puzzles. Great review!



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        Originally posted by Schipperke View Post
        That's 94%, as in A, as in go out and play this game if you want to be spooked out of your seat.
        Agreed! I'm not the type that likes being scared, but after this game, I now look forward to it! Awesome Review!
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