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Short review from a returning ND fan

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  • Short review from a returning ND fan

    Hello everyone!

    I've been a fan of Nancy Drew games for a long time. These games have a special place in my memory and were an imporant part of my childhood and teenage years. I had stopped playing after the Phantom of Venice came out, as I was busy in college and also felt the quality of the series had somewhat declined. In any case, during the current lockdown, I decided to give a try to some of the titles I never played. Since I was in the mood for a scary game, I chose Shadow at the Water's Edge. I'm certainly glad of this choice, so here are my impressions:

    I found SAW to be a solid game with an intriguing story, the right amount of spookiness and a good mix of challenging puzzles. As top qualities, I'll start by highlighting the flow of the story. Tension gradually builds up and everytime I stopped playing I was eager to come back and continue unearthing secrets about the family in the Ryokan. I liked all characters in this game, everyone seemed so secretive and I couldn't really lean towards any them if I had to guess who the cuplrit was as I was approaching the ending. The jump-scares were fun and well executed, though not excessive. The balance of creepiness and actual jump scares was about right. Finally, the Japanese themed puzzles were cool and challenging, I particularly liked making Bento boxes and solving Nonograms, as they require a lot of logical thinking.

    Two minor drawbacks would be that the voice-acting could have been better and there are a couple of plot-holes I couldn't really explain after finishing the game.

    Overall, I was definitely satisfied with the experience of playing SAW, I recommend playing it and I look forward to trying out some of the other games.

    Thanks for reading! 😊😊

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    If you're an old-time fan you should really play SPY (it's my favorite). They really knock it out of the park on that one in my opinion and since it's about Kate Drew it's pretty cool to see. Plus there's a reference to SAW and one of the characters in it too. Great review!


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      Thanks for the recommendation! I watched the trailer for SPY and ...woah! It does seem exciting! Reminds me of the film-noir genre which I love.

      I've just started Ghost of Thorton Hall because there was Halloween discount and I guess I was still in the mood for a scary game.😂

      After being done with that one, I'll definitely play SPY. ☺


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        Enjoy! I love Ghost of Thornton Hall, it's one of my favorite games as well!