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  • Pachinko parlor (edited--catsandbooks)

    Ok, so I'm playing the demo version, and all that's left on my task list is this:

    ~Grade the students' homework (which I've already done but I think I messed it up)

    ~Find something that explains what a yurei is

    ~Explore the Pachinko parlor

    Please help if you can!

    Although I've played all the ND games, this is my first post, and I don't know how to give reps (and I'm not really sure what they are!) so I apologize if I've biffed on anything.

    Topic Names:
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    Grade the students' homework:
    It doesn't matter which stamps you give them, just make you stamp it next to every sentence, even to the right of their name.

    Find something that explains what a yurei is:
    this you will find out after 'exploring Pachinko parlor'. ;)

    Explore the pachinko parlor:
    First of all, have you got there yet? If not, here are the train station orders to get there: (please let me know if I need to back it up -- have you found the train ticket yet?)
    Nagoya, Otsu, Aomori, Kochi, Tochigi, Seto, Niigata, Fuji, Iga, Matsue, Iga, Kobe, Miyazaki, Sakai, then Kure.

    If you have found the pachinko parlor and don't know what to do there, let me know. :)

    to give reputation points, click on the white scale underneath the user's avatar/general information. (on the left)
    - kara
    ℓeave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream.


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      Yup, I've been to the pachinko parlor, and the other place (but it won't let me go in)

      I'll go finish up that homework now!

      Thanks for all your help!

      Never mind, I figured it out at the Pachinko parlor! Reps given!
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