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Stuck again *w. room records, evp, +*(ed. to be descriptive-Sr.D)

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  • Stuck again *w. room records, evp, +*(ed. to be descriptive-Sr.D)

    Here is what is on my check list that I cannot do:

    Search for records of rooms that are never rented
    Search for way to try out evp
    Open sealed envelope
    Search tea room

    Topic Names:
    Write descriptive, helpful topics for other users. Your readers shouldn’t have to guess about the message they are going to read. Descriptive topics make your getting a response more likely. For example, try using, "Help - Cannot put out fire!" or "Stuck - Tile Puzzle" or Help: Paintbrush & Finger Print" is much more helpful (and you'll usually get a quicker response) than making your a topic that only reads "Help" or "Stuck". Do not mention rep points in the title.
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    I hope this helps
    For EVP call savannah and then go talk to Rentaro
    Frank Hardy
    He's really smart.
    And really cute.
    And guess what?
    He's my true love!
    Who's your true love?
    Find out here!