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Symmetry Lock Puzzle

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  • Symmetry Lock Puzzle

    I really need help with the colored door lock puzzle! Thank you!

    I realize what I'm supposed to be matching up, but do I have to color in the entire thing, leaving no blank spaces at all? When I fill it in according to the mirror image, nothing happens. How am I supposed to guess what colors things should be when there is no example from the mirror image?
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    I had problems with this too. The mirror image thing totally threw me off. You need to fill in the entire thing. In one pie section look at all the spots and what colors they are - then fill in those spots with those colors in all of the other sections. Then look at the next section. If one spot on there is red - fill in the same exact pot in red in the rest of them. Eventually every single spot will be filled and they will all match exact.


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      I have to go, so I don't have time to mention the shapes the colors go in, but I think you can get that part.

      (Use the triangle that is on the almost top, slightly to the left, to start.)

      Starting at the top, from left to right.
      First line:Red, green, blue, purple, green, yellow
      Next line: Green, red.
      Next line: Purple, yellow, blue, purple, blue.
      Next line: blue, red.
      Next line: Red, green, purple.
      Next line: Yellow, blue, red.
      Next line: purple, green.
      Last line: Red.

      Just do that on all the triangles, starting with the other one that is also almost upright, and go around clockwise. Sorry that's so cryptic, I really have to go out the door right now. I hope it helps though!.
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