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Guest records, recorder, and tea room (edited--catsandbooks)

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  • Purple_Hearts21
    thank you so much! I had no idea what to do next :)

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  • nd_mania
    #2 is the first thing you need to do. Have you tried
    going to the shed at night and placing the recorder in the base? It's to the right as you enter the shed.
    Then, choose a numbered recording and press play. Listen to all of them until Nancy comments.


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  • Guest records, recorder, and tea room (edited--catsandbooks)

    1. search for guest records- I'm guessing the front desk? 2. take recorder back to the shed- I went to all of the places in the book and i still cant figure out how to listen to them 3. search tea room.. i dont know why

    i hope i can get unstuck soon! reppss

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