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Senior Level Picture Back Spoiler Wanted

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  • Senior Level Picture Back Spoiler Wanted

    This puzzle has got to be the single most frustratingly hard puzzle Herinteractive has ever created. I need a spoiler please for the wires on the back of the picture puzzle for SENIOR level, PLEASE. I've seen grids created for junior level (I assume), but none match what I have. So, here goes:I have two pegs that have 8 wire connectors, I have one peg that has 3 connectors, nine pegs with 4 connectors, one peg with 7 connectors, and four pegs with 5 connectors. Can someone please help?

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    Because the wires can seem to "flip" based upon moving them around, I'm not really sure how to describe it for you in detail in an effective manner (I'll keep noodling it and let you know).
    I noticed that your peg numbers are a bit different from mine on Senior...either that means it's random, or you probably need to move each around in several different directions to separate overlapping wires...

    Here are some basics that I discovered that eventually led to a solution:

    Start by putting the two pins with the highest number of wires (I had one with 8 and one with 7) in the top corners, one left and one right.
    Pull one of your next highest pins down to the bottom center (you'll likely have to change which one this is as you progress in solving it, but even a wrong one should help get you started).
    Start moving some of the smallest-number pins (that are joined to both the 7 and 8) into the top center of the frame, just below the wire joining the 7 and 8--put the pins in a vertical column, so that the wires don't overlap or cross.
    You can only do that with a few pins, and you'll likely need to switch them around a bit to prevent crossing.
    You'll begin to see the effect you need to create as you move the other pins around in the remaining space--this and some occasional switching out and perseverance should help you get through it.

    I hope that begins to help you move in the right direction!

    Beleive me, it's totally worth it to finish!

    Tom Thatcher
    If you see Becca Sawyer, let her know that Mr. Twain says we need to stop playing around and switch last names back, or else he's going back to being Mr. Clemens. (Of course, being a humorist, he was probably joking.)


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      Thank you. I will try this and see what happens. It boggles my mind a bit, this puzzle. I have played all the games and as of Blackmoor, I'v been playing senior. Now I feel like I should just cut my losses and go back to junior! But, I do very much appreciate this advice. I shall give it a whirl and see what comes of it. Thanks for taking the time to pull this together for me!


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        I tried it. I've been at it for two hours and it isn't working. There must be a spoiler out there that works, right? Any other tips folks can spare? I'm desperate.