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    Can anyone give me spoilers on how to arrange the animals in the bento box ? I need help cause I can’t understand this for the life of me.

    it’s the following.

    in the “2 across 1 down” photo in order is a oval object, frowning pig, and what looks like a bowl of rice.

    In the “3 down” photo in order is a rabbit, half rabbit/oval object, and a smiling cat.

    in the “3x3 box” photo from the top left corner going across to the top right corner then going to the bottom right corner to go towards the bottom left corner in order are half rabbit/sandwich, blank, half frowning pig/rice, blank, rabbit, frowning pig, blank, and blank. The middle has a half frowning pig/sandwich. HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!

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    Please read the Bento Help sticky at the top of this board.
    It will explain the game and give you instructions on how to post your puzzle clues.
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