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Need help setting time and with school work

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  • Need help setting time and with school work

    Hi I am near the start & my clock says 3am & when I try to set the alarm for 5, 6 or 7 am Nancy keeps saying she will either be busy at that time or in class teaching or need to set for later, so only time I can set the alarm is for later in the day, as tried already so a day has gone. So I can't go into the Cultural Room as lessons are 7 to 1030.

    Would this be a glitch or is it the same for everyone

    Also how do I mark the kids school work

    Hi ok I finally found on page 43 that someone else had asked same question about alarm & I finally got to see grandmother.

    But would still love an answer on my spoiler question thanks.
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    Nancy's day is taken up by her teaching duties so the earliest you can set the alarm for is 7 pm.

    Her grading of assignments is an optional task.
    There are stamps to mark the answer and one to mark the student's name.
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