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    I have played STFD so many times I can't even count anymore, and I am finally writing a review! I probably first played this game when I was around ten years old, and I am now in my twenties, and I can honestly stay this game is still a classic that I go back to on a yearly basis. It is very good! So without further ado, here is my review:

    Plot/Setting: This is one of my favorite plots in the entire series. It is set in NYC and you are investigating the threats Rick Arlen, a soap opera star, is getting. It is interesting, and I especially enjoy looking through all of threat notes. However, I remember when I was first playing this game that you can get stalled on the story pretty easily. Sometimes one thing prevents the plot from moving forward, but once you do, the story is great! I also think it could have more potential for a deeper story; there are some back stories that I think would be particularly interesting to expand upon. It could potentially be remastered in this way, but I think I would still favor the original just because it is original! Same with SCK. I would rate the plot 8/10.

    Music: The music wasn't spectacular like some of the games, but the music suits the game. It wasn't fabulous, but it wasn't terrible either. 5/10.

    Characters: I like all of the characters. They are each unique and serve the purpose of the story well; however, I do feel like the characters could be further developed. Throughout the game, I wished that I could talk to each of them more. There is great potential for interesting conversations with all of the characters, but it fell a little short for me. 6/10.

    Play: When playing this game, keep in mind that this is one of the first games created by HER. With that being said, the gameplay was interesting. There are not as many puzzles in this game, and there is more discovering clues to come up with a culprit at the end. I like this, but for those who enjoy a lot of puzzles, this may not be your favorite ND game. I like that this game also has fun little notes scattered in different places that can help you with the game, which is like SCK. 8/10.

    Culprit/Ending: I really enjoy finding out who the culprit is in this game. It is the main task in this game, and the ending is very intense and fabulous. 10/10.

    Overall, if you are a ND fan, get it! You won't be disappointed, and the classic games are a fun experience! There is something special about them.
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