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such a good nancy drew game

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  • such a good nancy drew game

    i haven't played this game in maybe ten years because it kept crashing on my computer, but i still watch videos of it on youtube sometimes!

    it definitely has a feel of an old nancy drew game (cause that's what it is!) which has its pros and cons: the cons being only the graphics and the game length; the graphics being a bit clunky and the length somewhat short. however neither of these things make it a poor game, in my opinion, it's only the second game and graphics wise it's great for the era and the size of the company at the time!

    the pros of the game is that it is only the second nancy drew game, and they were still figuring out how nancy drew games best work. there was no real nancy drew formula yet, which means we don't have any unrealistic puzzles or game elements that are highly implausible. this whole game feels very real to me, like an actual mystery that would be solved in real life! the premises for a lot of newer games just don't make any real world sense, but STFD definitely does.

    i really like the spooky eye that shows up in the calendar at mattie's! not a lot of ND games have random stuff like that, but it's fun.

    i really like the characters, and that there are more of them than usual, even if we only see some of them for a little bit.

    i like that the music changes with room/location, which is something the newer games don't do anymore.

    it's a really fun and really charming little nancy drew game! i'm so sad i can't play it anymore because it really is a blast. i know they won't remaster it either so i will just have to be content with seeing other people play it on youtuble

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    STFD is such a great game, I fully agree! Every character is important, the plot is tense, the environment is beautiful, and Nancy is her spunk self!! I quote this game way too often... usually funny things Dwayne says, lol. This is in my top three favorite games! Please rerelease it HeR!
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