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Paying my Respects to my First and Favorite Game - A Review

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  • Paying my Respects to my First and Favorite Game - A Review

    I feel that it is necessary to review this game - it was my first Nancy Drew game (I believe the Final Scene was the new game when I received this game for Christmas - I've been playing ND for a long time! ) So here goes nothing...

    Plot: If you love a plot that is a little darker, creepier, that puts-you-on edge feeling, this one is for you. (Disclaimer: when I say "Darker", I mean that you're dealing with more of a murder mystery-type, as opposed to a phantom or something like that) The detail in this game is amazing, and when you're at the point of solving the mystery, the clues all make sense. Personally ( I may be a bit biased since this game set the bar for me ) this is my favorite type of ND game. There aren't many like this, so I think the plot really makes this game unique. While the plot is a bit more "intense" if you will, there are also light-hearted things that keep it balanced (funny sayings, funny props, etc.)

    Setting: AWESOME!! I love that not only is this set in New York City, but the locations that you get to explore are all so detailed and, for lack of a better term, cool. Each location gives me the feeling that I would want to be there in real life snooping around. The idea of getting to explore a TV studio is just so fun to me. Plus each character's "location" suits them perfectly (i.e. the décor of their dressing rooms, offices, suits each person so well. I like that the setting helps you indirectly get to know the characters better.)

    Characters: The characters in the game are by far my favorite characters of any ND game. They each have their own unique personality and say their own funny things. By the time this game was over, I wished that I could just keep playing to find out more about each character. They are truly interesting - and each have suspicion against them - which I like. It keeps you guessing!

    Snooping Factor: Again, this game tops them all. I love the fact that you get to snoop literally every little detail, even if it's not beneficial to the game. That makes it fun - and it helps you get a feel for the characters' personalities. You get to snoop through drawers, shelves, cabinets, desks, everything! That, to me, can really make or break a game. I like to solve a game knowing that I saw everything there was to see - clue worthy or not. This kind of ties into the setting category, but the abundance of things to look through just makes the environment more interesting and fun.:

    Puzzles: If you are a puzzle lover, this game may be a bit lack-luster for you in that aspect. There are not a whole lot of puzzles in this game. I'm more than okay with that, I'd much rather be snooping, interrogating suspects, and putting pieces of the mystery together. I'm not much of a puzzle person when it comes to ND games. So, for me - the less puzzles, the better! There are a few in here that may stump you (that also depends on what level you decide to play through) but not a whole lot. But if you're like me, this was a big thumbs up!

    Length/Difficulty: This game (surprise!) is the perfect game length/difficulty in my opinion. It doesn't drag on for a long time, but it isn't super short either. This game can honestly last longer if you decide to really read and look at everything (which also helps the game make more sense). The difficulty of the game also depends on whether you choose to play Junior, Senior, or Master Detective. I like that you have three options.

    Overall, I think that Stay Tuned for Danger is a must-play Nancy Drew game. If you're looking for a dramatic and unique plot, fun and interesting characters and settings, and a lot of snooping to be done, this game is for you. I'm so glad that this was my first Nancy Drew game - it really drew me in and kept me hooked. Honestly, I wish there were more ND games that mirrored this one.
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