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    Stay Tuned for Danger

    Hey there …And welcome to my fourteenth review!

    Getting back into playing Nancy Drew games recently, I purchased this game online since it has been discontinued since 2011. When I was younger in the early 2000’s, I remember playing it, but I don’t recall finishing it. Over the years after moving from place to place, unfortunately the disk went missing. Purchasing it now was a little pricey ($20+) but, it’s definitely worthwhile since it is a classic game and no long made. So I wanted to play it (and finish it) once and for all… I’m so glad people out there are still selling it! …Well, let’s get on to the review!

    Mattie Jensen a popular soap opera star, invites Nancy to visit her in New York City to investigate death threats her co-star Rick Arlen has been receiving. From broken watches, to poisoned chocolates, someone is trying to make it clear they want Rick gone- for good! Nancy must go undercover on set as an aspiring actress/stagehand to figure out who is sending these terrifying threats.

    Great plot! Even though it was only the second game, I thought HeR came up with an interesting new mystery that definitely intrigued the masses. I like to compare the plots to real life, and for this plot, it’s 100% believable that a not-so-loved actor on TV could get threats and creepy letters sent to them. Looking back on each plot, this is definitely in the top 5 for most unique!


    Mattie Jensen-
    Soap opera star who plays Serena Livingstone on “Light of our Love”, invites Nancy to stay with her & look into who is sending Rick (her ex-boyfriend & co-star) these threats.
    Mattie & Rick had a whirlwind romance when they first started acting together in the theatre but he ultimately left her to start dating Lillian; the director of their soap. As innocent as she seems, could Mattie be behind these threats out of jealously?

    Lillian Weiss-
    Director of the hit soap opera “Light of our Love”, she dated Rick after he broke up with Mattie but soon found out it was just so he could rub elbows with some of her closest & most important friends in show business. Short tempered to a fault, Lillian has plenty of reason to want Rick gone, but would she go as far as attempted murder?

    Dwayne Powers-
    Agent to the stars! Dwayne represented Mattie & Rick when they first started out, but soon after, Rick left his agency to go with a bigger, more experienced talent group. Could Dwayne be sending Rick these threats because he’s upset at him for leaving?

    Millie Strathorn-
    Although she owns the Worldwide Broadcasting Company where the show is taped, Millie is content to spend her days in the prop room. She often confuses fiction with reality, calling Rick by his character’s name. Could she be confusing Rick’s actions with that of Rory’s, and be plotting to get rid of him once & for all?

    Rick Arlen-
    The ever charming and wildly flirtatious soap opera star who plays Rory Danner on “Light of our Love”, Rick has been receiving death threats in various forms for some time. Although as of late, the threats are getting serious, Rick treats them as though they were a joke. Could Rick be behind all this just for more publicity?

    Secondary Characters-

    William Pappas-
    Producer for “Light of our Love”, always behind closed doors on the phone making deals. We overhear him saying how Rick wants off the show to pursue a movie career.

    Owen W. Spayder-
    A stagehand that always happens to be on set when strange accidents targeting Rick occur. Although never seen, Owen is an important part of the plot.

    Ralph Guardino-
    The friendly security guard at WWB; Nancy must always check in with him when entering the building.

    The first two we never see, but help progress the game. Of course, the other characters are phone friends which are Bess, George & Ned.

    Characters Overall-
    Well it goes without saying, the phone friends are helpful of course. They’re there to give hints when you’re stuck. Character interaction is pretty good in this game! At first, going around talking to everyone seems like your main job then all of a sudden, you can’t find anyone. That means, it’s time for snooping! Eventually, towards the end of the game you have to check in with the characters to progress the plot. I was very satisfied with each & every character’s personalities. Each character had a grudge against Rick in some way & perfect motives for wanting him out of the picture! I love when HeR creates characters for a reason so it makes guessing the culprit more of a challenge. My only complaint would be that we don’t have a ton of interaction with the culprit… without giving too much away let’s just say the only BIG run in with them, is at the end. It seems odd the number of times we speak with them & then they disappear until the finale.

    Nancy is heading to New York City, New York! *One of my favorite places to visit… unfortunately you don’t get to see the city at all. Not to worry though, there are plenty of places to explore like the Worldwide Broadcasting Company building where the TV show is taped, Mattie’s apartment, and Dwayne’s office. All the different areas reminded me a little of FIN just because of how vast they are even though you’re confined to 3 places. I wish we could see Nancy’s bedroom but like in DOG & TOT you just change to night or day without going to sleep. For the second game, the graphics are a dash rough but that’s to be expected. The characters are really stiff in their movements but thankfully they’re not cartoon looking like in Secrets Can Kill (YAY)!

    Game Play/Puzzles-
    This game was relatively short compared to many other games. It was definitely longer than SCK but not by much… It took me about 3 days to finish & I was only playing in spurts of 30-45 minute intervals. After I spoke to all the characters, I got a little lost as to what to do next, but I picked it up pretty quickly & moved smoothly through the mystery from then on. There was one puzzle that I thought you had to complete to finish the game but that’s not the case. My favorite part: the snooping! That was pretty much the goal of this game, and there was plenty to look at! When I was playing, I kept thinking “leave no stone unturned”. It was odd though, when I was in the prop room, the magnifying glass would turn red so I’d click on an area then once I was there, there wasn’t anything to click on or retrieve. It kind of confused me, but then I thought maybe it just wants me to be aware of what is here, but I don’t necessarily have to take it. Again, there aren’t many ‘puzzles’, it’s mostly snooping & finding items you need for later on. There’s really only two ‘big’ puzzles, which is nothing compared to the later games. I’m not huge on the puzzles so it didn’t bother me but if you’re looking for a puzzle heavy game you might be disappointed.

    Scare Factor/Music-
    I’ve noticed when playing these games, I get creeped out when the music changes. I always think something is going to happen and the music is hinting at me to watch out. Unfortunately, for someone who likes a good scare, it wasn’t meant to be in this game! It is a step up from SCK, as I did have more of a feeling of being watched, especially in Rick’s dressing room & on the set. I loved, loved, LOVED the music at the very beginning. It was so old-time New York! A little bit jazzy & upbeat, it was absolutely perfect. Then once you start the mystery, the music becomes repetitive. Something I’ve noticed in the older games, like when you revisit a place the music is on a loop & it can get quite annoying especially if you have to be in there for a while. Like when you went to WWB the entire time it sounded like elevator music, it wasn’t horrible but after a while it can be monotonous.

    You can definitely tell when the ending is happening. It’s actually quite climatic & I really appreciated that, it was a nice change from SCK. I enjoy the more drawn out endings, and this one definitely had its merits. Like I mentioned earlier, you can probably guess towards the middle of the game who the culprit is, however, I thought they had an accomplice ha-ha. You can also guess who you think did it which was a fun spin! The ending is still the same no matter whom you accuse & you get a little help from someone during it ;)

    Another great, classic, Nancy Drew game down! I’m so thrilled I finally finished it! I would absolutely re-play this game because I love all the snooping & interaction with each character. It has minimal puzzles so that’s ok with me! Currently, I have a list of 4 other ND games I’d like to get under my belt before going back to the games I’ve already finished. This game definitely has replaying potential because it’s not too hard & it has that classic ND feel.

    Thank you so much for reading my review! If you haven’t played this game yet I HIGHLY recommend it… You won’t be disappointed. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or just say hi!

    That’s it for reviews from me for a while. I’m not planning on buying new games any time soon, and the library near me doesn’t have them to borrow. Hopefully, I will be back at it sometime this year. (Maybe when MID is released?!) Thank you again to everyone that has read and commented on my reviews. It means a lot to know that people care because I do put a lot of thought into my reviews. You guys rock!! And as always…
    Happy Sleuthing!
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    Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN

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    I was so glad to see you posted a new review! I always do enjoy reading them (even though I don't always comment ) I love how you mentioned all the snooping that goes on this game, because I really did enjoy that too! It seems more realistic to me, because you have to look around and find things out to keep the mystery going. It's been a while since I've played this game, but I remember being to able to guess the culprit halfway through, (as you said), but it really was cool to see how it turned out!

    Overall, your review was very in depth, and you made some great points! I thoroughly enjoyed it



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      Aww thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy my reviews- isn't this a great game?? I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, it's ok if you don't every time :D
      Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN