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    Plot: You are called to a soap opera studio in New York to investigate death threats Rick Arlen has been receiving. You're staying in an apartment.


    Mattie- A human Cavalier King Charles spaniel
    Rick- An egotistical guy who fixes his hair in the mirror all day
    Lillian- A sarcastic director
    Dwayne- Mattie's agent who hates Rick
    Millie- An eccentric old lady
    Ralph: A helpful, donut-loving security guard


    Graphics: The characters don't really show any visible emotion- you can only tell from what they say. The yellow wallpaper in Mattie's apartment and dressing room is a nice touch.The offices are full of clutter, as offices should be.


    Puzzles: For some of the puzzles the solutions are pretty much handed to you on a silver platter. Others you have to dig a little deeper.


    Ending: There's a time limit, and the puzzle is based on pure guesswork.


    Music: The music depends on whether it's day or night. At night it's rather suspenseful. It also depends on the location.



    Overall: I would give this game a 7/10. I would definitely recommend this game. There are a lot of fun extras and hidden clues, the feel of the city is very real, and the mystery is intriguing.
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    "Rose 🎈, you're no picnic, alright? You’re a
    spoiled little brat even, but under
    that you're a strong, pure heart, ¸.^.¸.^.¸.^.¸
    and you're the most amazingly
    astounding wonderful girl-- woman
    I've ever known, but I'm too
    involved now. You jump I jump¸.^.¸¸.^.¸.^.¸
    remember? I can't turn away without
    knowin' that you're going to be alright."
    -Jack Dawson♡

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    My third favorite AE: ♥//·._.·´¯`» Frσsted Brσwnies ¦♥¦ {ICE}

    My fourth favorite AE: ¦·.·´`·» I n t o the W i l d «·´`·.·¦ [ICE]

    I ♥️ my chihuahua

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