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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • This is probably the only game that I didn't enjoy. I even enjoyed the first one with the 2D animation more than this. I actually voted a while back but didn't post. I think I might have given it a 1. I can't remember.

    First, having gotten used to the clicking movement in several of the other games, I think I found just moving around in this game such a pain. It just didn't follow the same pattern as the others. It was confusing how to back up or turn around. Basically, I had trouble just trying to get around, and that was the worst part.

    The other thing I didn't like was the characters. I guess they were trying to make the actor Rick annoying on purpose, but that director (can't remember the name), what was her excuse for being so snappy at Nancy? All in all, I found the characters really unrealistic. Even the culprit's motive was childish. And the prop room lady didn't make sense. It was like they just needed a puzzle somewhere.

    Also, I found the premise just boring. It's one of those overused ones where accidents happen on movie sets. I can't remember how many times I've come across this in the ND/HB books.

    There's more, but I'm just going to skip to the funny part. Obviously I shouldn't complain about the graphics, but the photographs of real and 3D characters were a little creepy, and sort of funny.

    I guess the only thing I remember enjoying was hearing the taxi driver's dialogue.


    • I gave it a 4 because the game was just really boring. The ending wasn't that big or anything, like as suspending as lets say...DED or WAC? I expected more out of it.
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      • I gave it 10. It obviously has flaws but I think this is one of my fave games in the whole series.
        Nancy actually acts like a detective, the musics great and there is a real threat to the case.
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        • I give STFD a 5/10. The plot is quite strong and I like the characters and setting very much, but this game is one of the very few ND games in which the general appearance makes it difficult for me to enjoy playing. The character models and their stiff, claymation-like animation as well as the somewhat clunky interface are good examples.
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          • I spent a really long time trying to get this game to work on my computer, but it was worth it. There were lots of places to explore and in most of those places were lots of things to look at, but more on that later. The characters were great, too (and there were a lot of them). They each had their own personality. I also thought the culprit was great, and I probably would have been surprised about who it was, if it hadn't been spoiled for me. There were a couple things I didn't like, though. One, as I briefly mentioned before, was the amount of stuff you had to look at in order to finish the game. At first, I thought this was a good thing, I mean who doesn't like snooping through someone's stuff! But there was just sooo much to look at, that I missed some of it. I had to spend a really long time looking at spoilers and walkthroughs trying to figure out what I missed. So, that wasn't so great (and is probably the only reason I didn't give this game a ten). The only other tiny, little problem, is the graphics. They're not really all that great, but this an older game so that's to be expected. Overall, I really liked this game and would recommend it to someone looking for a classic game to play.


            • Very suspenseful, one of my very favorites
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              • Greatest...culprit...ever...

                Rather than rely on "ending puzzles," HER should take a page from this game in constructing the big "reveal" in future episodes.


                • 7/10

                  I found the characters to have a TON of depth and charms, what have you.... The plot was also very suspenseful. I find that usually with HER games, the ghost stories are the games that keep me on the edge of my seat. Totally not the case with this STFD. The only issue I had was that I wanted to see way more of the city!