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My [Spoiler-Free] STFD Reveiw

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  • My [Spoiler-Free] STFD Reveiw

    Stay Tuned for Danger
    A review by Tigeress_10

    Plot: The plot of this game is a among the best, I think. Mysterious death threats, poisoned chocolates (or are they?) and, later on, even more serious threats occur. 9/10

    Setting/Theme: New York, New York! Like DAN (and to an extent, VEN), you don't get to see much of NY's historic landmarks, however, the music really sets the mood of the glitzy, glamorous showbiz life that any soap opera star would experience in the Big Apple. The taxis are a nice touch. So you may not get to see much, but you feel like you did. 8.5/10

    Characters: Mattie Jensen is the actress you're staying with. Unlike some of the people you stay with in future games, she talks to you a lot, and exploring both her dressing room and apartment proves to be very fun. Rick Arlen is her ex-boyfriend, co-star, and the guy who's receiving the death threats. Conversations with him prove to be very fun indeed, and his constant 'hello beautiful's are sure to amuse you. Millie Strathorn is the very eccentric door-knob collector and prop-room owner, although she also owns WWB studios and holds an intense dislike for Rick. And then there's Lillian Weiss, who's even ruder than Margareta in VEN, but she proves to be a lot more helpful. And last but not least, you have Dwyane Powers, the ex-agent of Rick, and current agent of you and Mattie. All the characters are very interesting and they all have really strong motives. Seriously, you're going to be so confused about who it is in the end. No matter what evidence you've found in so-and-so's room, you're going to be confused. Or at least, I was. 10/10

    Puzzles: There aren't many puzzles in this game--it's more about classic detective snooping, which I found great anyway. There are a few, but it's quality, not quantity, as far as they go. However, snooping is very, very, fun and you will find a lot of incredibly important evidence if you know exactly where to look. The one drawback is that there's the occasional puzzle where if you forget to collect a certain item, you're doomed, but there are ways of getting around that. So, yay for the classic snooping. 9/10

    Music: Very, very good music. Really sets the mood. Like DOG, it has a few distinct Day and Night themes, some of which will calm you and some of which will scare you (at the end, at least). 10/10

    Ending: This is probably my favorite ending ever. I played it on the hardest level, so I didn't have much time to do the ending puzzle and ending up dying a lot. But it's great. Really suspenseful and not a mini-game in sight. I can't go into much more detail without spoiling it, but trust me, it's great.10/10

    • Watch out for little nods at HER!
    • The graphics, while not very good, do their job well and are certainly more pleasing to look at than SCK. Mattie is really the only character that looked all that bad, I thought.
    • The scripts were very entertaining and fun to find around the dressing rooms. Seriously, if that show existed, I would totally watch it.
    • See if you can recognize the voice actress for Millie!

    Overall, it's one of the few games I'd give a 10/10. Great plot, characters, gameplay, and all the rest. It's only downfall is its graphics, but really, you shouldn't play a game just for the graphics. It's nice if they're nice, but you should be able to put up with it if they aren't. Regardless, STFD is my second-favorite game and I find it's pretty unappreciated. I'd recommend it over most of the newer ones any day.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Great review! At first this game sounded kind of hohum, but now it seems great! Thanks!


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      Love your review!! I agree 110%. Great job!!

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        Very nice review! Glad to know there's lots of snooping to be done.
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          I agree with everything you said! It's my favorite too, after CUR. Nice review!
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            Nice review. Thank you. I'll definitely consider buying this game.

            I have a question however. Are there two disks that you have to switch back and forth from like there was in 'Secrets Can Kill'?


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              No there is only one disk. Thank goodness


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                AWSOME REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  Great, great review. I completely agree. I think STFD was my first or second
                  game, and it got me into Nancy Drew as I adored it. Reps coming your way,
                  if I haven't given too many out! :)
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                    Great review! I agree with you completely!
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                      Wow, agree totally on all of what you said. Now I want to go play the game again!

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                        Wow! I have 40 dollars and I just preordered RAN and decided I should get another game. I was going to get SCK but found out you have to switch disks alot, but then I read you review and said " wow, that sounds great!". Plus, I don't really like puzzles but I love snooping! So thanks for the great review!REPS 2 U

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