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Help! Stuck after security tape!

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  • Help! Stuck after security tape!

    Okay, I've played this game many times, and once not too long around and I got stuck in this exact same spot.

    So here is everything that I have done so far, and hopefully someone will be able to point out what I missed. I hope.

    After doing the bomb in Rick's dressing room, I talked to Bill Pappas, went to studio talked to everyone possible. Then I went in at night, checked out Lillians office, saw the floppy disk, read everything on computer, saw code to control room, saw the stuff in her drawers, saw the number to the chocolate place, went on set to control room listened to type, took security tape, turned power on, went into secret passage way. Owen Spayder? went back to lillians office looked up information about him, checked out both Mattie and Ricks rooms, then went to dwayne powers office, opened this brief case, saw the ticket, saw the bomb diagram read his French book, looked at Mine, Owens, Matties, and Ricks files in the cabinet. Looked through all drawers of his desk, saw the spirit gum or whatever it was. Went back to Matties. and NO BOMB, next day went to stupid confronted Lillian about chocolates and her and Rick. Talked to everyone again, and it still isn't happening for me.

    I hope someone can help me, I can't remember last time what I finally did to make it trigger, I've been everywhere about four times to make sure I've looked at stuff that I'm pretty sure I have each time.

    Thank you everyone in advance for your help!

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    I'm slightly confused... what bomb are you trying to trigger?
    There was only one bomb in this game, and it was the one in Rick's dressing room.
    Are you trying to trigger the ending sequence? If so...
    Did you print out the security logs in Lillian's Office?
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      You are way, way past the bomb.

      The game is very temperamental. You have to see everything to move on. Here’s a list of what you need to see.

      Dwayne’s office:

      1) Check and airplane ticket in briefcase
      2) Bomb diagram in right hand desk drawer
      3) Spirit gum in left hand desk drawer
      4) French Dictionary
      5) Four files in the file cabinet

      Lillian's office:

      1) Owen's information on computer
      2) Print out from computer
      3) Floppy disc hidden in book
      4) Castor oil and Rubber Cement in drawer
      5) Phone number for chocolate place

      Control room:
      1) Try to listen to the audio tape
      2) Find the security tape and watch it at Mattie's

      Also, did you ask everyone at the studio about Owen?
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        OKay, I just remember
        the package ticking, but I guess it wasn't a bomb!

        And yes, I believe I've seen all of that except maybe the
        rubber cement,
        So I guess Ill go back through again and see if I can find that

        Thank you for you help, if this doesn't work I guess I'll be back in a little bit to let yall know.
        Thank you again!


        hey i'm not finding the
        airplane ticket in brief case, but there is one in middle drawer is that it or is ther another?

        Okay figured it out
        I was missing the check in the brief case,

        Thank you so much!
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          Have you watched the security tape you got? I always forget to do that ;)
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