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Stuck!!! No one will talk! Waiting for package!

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  • Stuck!!! No one will talk! Waiting for package!

    Hey, I'm so stuck! No one will talk to me at all. And Lillian won't even open the door to me now!
    This is everything i've done so far:
    I defused the bomb in Ricks room, I got the code for the back door, searched Lillians room, found the oil and the other thing, found out about the chocolates, looked up Owen on her computer, printed out the sheet, looked at the floppy disk found in the book, opened the control room and played the tape (heard cars pass and honking?), got the security tape and played it, opened the trap door and found Owens ID (which i looked up), searched Dwaynes, looked at the 4 files, found the french-english book, saw the plane ticket, saw the doorknob, saw the gum stuff, saw the drawing of the bomb in the drawer, saw the newspaper, saw the ticket under the chessboard, spoken to everyone about owen
    and now NO ONE will talk to me!
    I've tried phoning everyone during the day, during the night, but nothing.
    I'm waiting on the
    threatening parcel for nancy
    since i know that should be next but i can't figure out what I'm missing!
    I've looked up tons of other hints and walkthroughs, and rechecked everything ten million times but I can't figure it out. Someone help?!

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    Have you called Bess and George?

    Also, are you sure you haven't missed the package? Nancy won't comment on it so you'll have to notice it yourself.

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      Did you go through Mattie's living room? Put together the torn puzzle? Called Ned?
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        I've called everybody and nobody talks. I have looked through all that I can find in Matties living room, I've put together the torn letter in her dressing room, and I know the box should appear beside the phone on the chair but it's not there.
        I'm so lost!


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          I think you did not play the tape correctly in the control room. You should have heard
          a scrambled voice. You will not be able to clear it up but you need to at least hear it.

          Try that again!
          When you have eliminated the impossible
          - ʘ - whatever remains,
          however improbable
          must be the truth. ■- ▄ - Sherlock Holmes

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            Yeah I heard that too, the same one that played in Ricks room! But I kept waiting for Nancy to comment it on it saying she recognised the voice, but no matter which way I adjusted the frequencies she never said anything. The only thing I noticed that was different from the original playing, after messing about with it, was the traffic noise!


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              Hmm...okay. Nancy won't comment - you just need to make sure that you have heard the tape at all. Have you tried switching from day to night and back again? I'm not sure why the package hasn't been triggered.
              When you have eliminated the impossible
              - ʘ - whatever remains,
              however improbable
              must be the truth. ■- ▄ - Sherlock Holmes

              Popping in for a short visit. I've missed you all!


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                This happened to me, too the first time I played the game. I think what I had done to fix it was just to go through and double check to make sure I had done everything. Try exploring Dwayne's office very thoroughly. Have you seen the
                adhesive in Dwayne's drawer?
                . I just had to go around and do a few things and then come back to the apartment. Try coming back to the apartment at night? I hope this helps! (I think this might just be a glitch of some sort, but re-triggering the package should help :))


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                  I've switched to day and night about what feels like a million times, but i'm going to go through everything once more and if it doesn't work this time i'm going to give up for the night!

                  I've given up haha.
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                    Don't give up yet! Have you done all of these things? Double check to make sure!

                    Originally posted by catsandbooks View Post
                    The game is very temperamental. You have to see everything to move on. Here’s a list of what you need to see.

                    Dwayne’s office:

                    1) Check and airplane ticket in briefcase
                    2) Bomb diagram in right hand desk drawer
                    3) Spirit gum in left hand desk drawer
                    4) French Dictionary
                    5) Four files in the file cabinet

                    Lillian's office:

                    1) Owen's information on computer
                    2) Print out from computer
                    3) Floppy disc hidden in book
                    4) Castor oil and Rubber Cement in drawer
                    5) Phone number for chocolate place

                    Control room:
                    1) Try to listen to the audio tape
                    2) Find the security tape and watch it at Mattie's

                    Also, did you ask everyone at the studio about Owen?
                    When you have eliminated the impossible
                    - ʘ - whatever remains,
                    however improbable
                    must be the truth. ■- ▄ - Sherlock Holmes

                    Popping in for a short visit. I've missed you all!


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                      I have rechecked all those things about 5 times now. There is nothing that I can find at all. Feel like i'm going insane haha!7


                      IT WORKED!
                      I went over the list you gave me just for the sake of doing it all in that exact order, and came home and it was there! No idea why it had to be done exactly in that order but it did the trick for me. So thank you all!
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