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' cαρ ' αbℓε of bεing ℓovεd .. [ α rεviεw by καit ]

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  • ' cαρ ' αbℓε of bεing ℓovεd .. [ α rεviεw by καit ]

    hiiiiiz im kaitlyn jeanne, but nobody calls me that but my grandma. round these parts im known as kait or kat (; but maybe you knew that. probably not. HEY NOW YOU DO! but i digress... ladies & gentlemen, i give you my long-winded, ramble-y review of ... THE CAPTIVE CURSE !

    Based on just the trailers and rumors, i wasnt too excited about the plot. 'a monster terrorizing a castle in germany'... it seemed a little unimaginative. but then i started playing. the plot turned out to be very in-depth and imaginative. that was the plot, and HeR stuck to it, thankfully. no confusing and unrelated sub-plots. YAY.

    i actually really liked the characters. they all had their own, very different personalities & it was fun to get to know them. i felt like we really did get to know them too. all but renate. she was one cranky old lady. nuff said. and LUKAS<333 totes adorbs. [ yes i just said that... ] & it was really cool to have a young character again! he reminded me a lot of jane in CUR. maybe its the board game infatuation, maybe its the age, but theres something that definitely reminded me of her.

    castle finster was so cool! i wish we could have seen it in the light /: the setting reminded me a lot of both CUR and HAU. probably the whole castle thing, yaa know? but anyways, not only was castle finster beautiful, it was also GIANT. which is a good thing, because who likes small castles ? weirdos. really though i'd rather have it too big than too small. still, it woulda been nice to have the occasional YOU ARE HERE sign/map.

    HALLELUJAH THANK THE LORDY JESUS there were no pointless, endless, annoyingly hard puzzles !!!!!!!! yes, there were puzzles. yes, i had to get a spoiler for one or two. but they actually had to do with the plot, so i was cool with it! and really, what would nancy drew be without the occasional head-banging puzzle?!

    it could be because i had just watched paranormal activity 2, but i was really anxious throughout the whole game. i say "anxious" and not "scared" because nothing really happened to scare me. it was just me & my anxiety that something would happen. but im a scaredy-cat & even i wasnt really scared at any point during CAP. there were some jumpish moments but nothing to have anxiety about through the whole thing...

    ehh, im sure you've seen the opinions about the ending. it was just that: ehh. there were some loose ends that i was left wondering about, and the culprit didnt really have a great motive. it was decent. woo.

    overall, i would say this is one of my favorite games. i'd give it an 8/10 !! points taken off for the blah ending & the feeling of deja vu. when games remind me of previous games, its not necessarily a good thing.. HeR can think of fresh ideas, right?! TOTES. [ yeah i said it again.. i assure you im trying to break the habit. ] anyhoo, i really loved this game. OOPS forgot to make a category for this, so i'll just stick it in here:
    YAY; we got snooping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as im sure you've heard, [ cause im not the only one excited about this! ] HeR has listened. The Captive Curse is more like the classic Nancy Drew games than any of the recent. and did i hear "its locked" once or twice?! :D okay, once more, just in case i didnt get my point across:
    YAY; WE GOT SNOOPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    so in conclusion to my conclusion, i would recommend this game to any ND fan: young, old, puzzle-lover, die-hard snoop, history buff, classic games fan, or modern games fan. The Captive Curse is a game that will be loved by all.

    thanks for reading!
    love, kait

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    Great Review! I agree with most of what you said.
    Just a tip, maybe change the color ( the blue ) of the words cause it is really hard to read. ( at least on my computer. )


    - E l Y S S E .


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      Great review :) it made me more excited for CAP too lol (3 days til i get it yayyy) btw i accidently say "totes" all the time too hahaha im excited to meet Lukas :D


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        terrific //

        Lovely review, thank you! (:
        I'm very excited to play this one!!
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